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Religious Pinball
Religious Tattoos

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Dad’s Sun
Religious Tattoos

Image by abbyladybug
My parents are not religious, so when they had a tiny girl (e.g., me!), they decided they necessary a nice Christmas tree topper tradition that was different from the conventional angel or star. My father did some poking about and decided to create an ornament that was far more of a reflection of the celebration of the winter solstice – the celebration of that days acquiring longer right after the extended winter. He painted this sun (without having the clouds) and place it on heavy paper with a golf backing. It sat atop the tree every year.

My divorce was very tough for me, and when I beginning climbing out of my personal private &quotdark evening of the soul&quot, I decided that I wanted to get a tattoo, some image that reflected my recovery and my life beginning once more. I believed and believed, and then it dawned on me… Dad’s Sun! I had my mom mail me the ornament, and I scanned it in and reduced the size to the size I wanted for my back. I knew I wanted it on my decrease back given that that appears like the least interruptive spot on the physique (a settling point, not in the middle of a leg or an arm), and since I operate with all sorts of people, I did not want anything as well &quotin your face&quot.

I got the tattoo in Sedona, Arizona whilst on vacation with my parents, five months right after my separation, in August of 2002.

A handful of years later, I designed a CafePress retailer known as &quotCutiegear&quot on a whim and created many goods, such as a couple of with this on it. That is when the sun was cleaned up a bit in Photoshop, and the blue sky/cloud background was added.

What’s really funny is that this year, we couldn’t uncover the original ornament, so I grabbed the Dad’s Sun Wall Clock and set it into the prime branches. It was hilarious!