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Image from page 332 of “The polar and tropical worlds : a description of man and nature in the polar and equatorial regions of the globe” (1874)
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Identifier: polartropicalwor00hartuoft
Title: The polar and tropical worlds : a description of man and nature in the polar and equatorial regions of the globe
Year: 1874 (1870s)
Authors: Hartwig, G. (Georg), 1813-1880 Guernsey, Alfred Hudson, 1824-1902
Subjects: Arctic peoples Natural history Antarctica Arctic regions Tropics
Publisher: Guelph, Ont. : J.W. Lyon

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e the ani-mals inside. Holding the spear firmly with 1 hand, he requires his tomahawkfrom his belt, dashes the home to pieces, and secures the inmates. Anotliermethod employed by the Indians to cajituie the niusquash is to block up thedifferent entrances to their tunnels, and then to intercept the animals as theytry to escape. At times the gun is employed, but not extremely often, as the mus-quash is so wary that it dives at the least alarm, and darts into one particular of its holes.The trap, nonetheless, is the ordinary signifies of destruction. The soft and glossyfur of the musquash, although worth no far more than from 6d. to Of?., is nevertheless a notinconsiderable post of trade, as no much less than half a million skins are aimuallyimported into England for hat-generating nor is there any worry of the musquashbeing extirpated, in spite of its numerous enemies, as it multiplies really quick, and isfound near every swamp or lake with grassy banks as far as the confines of thePolar Sea. § THE CREE INDIANS, OR EYTHINYUWUK:. 319

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HUNTING BISON IN THE SNOW. CHAPTER XXIX. THE CREE INDIANS, OR EYTHINYUWUK, Th3 numerous Tribes of the Crses.—Their Conque&gtits and suhsequcnt Defeat.—Their Wars with the Black-feet.—Their Character.—Tattooing.-^Their Dress.—Fondness for their Young children.—The Cree Cradle.—Vapor Baths.—Games.—Their religious Suggestions.—The Cr^-e Tartarus and Elysium. T^HE numerous tribes of the Crees, or Eythinyuwuk, variety from the Rocky-^ Mountains and the plains of the Saskatchewan to the swampy shores ofHudsons Bay. Towards tlie west and north they border on the Tinne, towardsthe east and south, on the Ojibbeway or Santeurs, wlio belong like them to thegreat loved ones of the Lenni-lenape Indians, and inhabit the lands amongst LakeWinipeg and Lake Superior. About sixty years since, at the time when Xapoleou was deluging Europewith blood, the Crees likewise played the component of conquerors, and subdusd evenmore in depth, though less valuable domains. Provided Avith fire-arms, which at that tim

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