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Evil Twins

Sunday, October 27th, 2013

Check out these Devil Tattoos images: Evil Twins Image by Davezilla was taken Believed it would be cool to take a straight-on shot and mirror the two halves, because no one’s face is symmetrical. These are from the exact same photo. No retouching—just mirroring. If any individual likes this effect, I may possibly start an &quotEvil Twins&quot group. Thirteen Image by This Year’s Really like Undesirable luck wind been blowin…

Evil Bird In Progress

Friday, March 15th, 2013

Check out these Bird Tattoos pictures: Evil Bird In Progress Image by Shannon Archuleta… jay Image by marese This is the bluejay I am going to have tattooed on my appropriate forearm, cradled inside like a babe. Jaye will possibly like this! It is from a painting by Daisy Richardson. in progress bird piece! Image by brynnycole31…

Evil Dick (Uncensored)

Friday, September 20th, 2013

Verify out these Flag Tattoos pictures: Evil Dick (Uncensored) Image by Hippy Jon Uncensored. Do not watch if you don’t want to see a man receiving a tattoo on his junk. Hardcore Image by piermario…

San Diego, CA

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

…ind peace they just need to have to seek it with hands more than their eyes, ears, and mouth. You know, “see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil”… Freedom in America It was a bru ha ha when Lohan pleaded no contest in May of this year to the theft of a ,500 gold necklace from a Los Angeles boutique. Thinking that the jewelry was lent to her, she walked out of the shop wearing it. I bet you can envision what happened next: ARRESTED AND SENTEN…


Friday, January 3rd, 2014

…Snapshotb_013 Image by cajsa.lilliehook Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook for It’s Only Style I Want to Be Evil Shop information at Blogging Second Life ****Buying LIST****** Poses: oOo Studio Skin: PXL Creations Kate Demon – Gacha Makeup Tattoos: Eyes: Insufferable Dastard Lashes:Lelutka Mani/Pedi: Leverocci Clothes: JRC Nosferata Mesh Goth Vampire Dress Ezura lingerie Footwear: N-Core Pinup Snapshotb_006 Image by cajsa.lilliehook Pho…

Smile, Secret Garden Celebration 2009

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

…ion in Progress two, 27. 365 Days – Day 63 – Reflection, 28. 365 Days – Day 64 – See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, 29. 365 Days – Day 65 – The Day I Met Ms SS, 30. 365 Days – Day 66 – Hangover, 31. 365 Days – Day 67 – Glastonbury Registration, 32. 365 Days – Day 68 – Useless items I can do #1, 33. 365 Days – Day 69 – Things are Searching Up!, 34. 365 Days…

Good Star Tattoos pictures

Monday, December 30th, 2013

Some cool Star Tattoos pictures: Evil Gardening Image by The mofoJT He just wasn’t pleased until everything was all brown or smoldering and dead. I didn’t have the heart to inform him that given that its winter right here, every thing in the herb garden was currently dead or dormant. A lot inspiration from Photo David’s Barricade &quotbeing evil&quot shots.…

Dog walkers know a secret word that will avert their dogs from yapping noisily at stunning females

Monday, February 9th, 2015

…you’d like me to photograph you in your little corner of New York City, please let me know. You can send me a Flickr-mail message, or you can email me directly at ed-at-yourdon-dot-com Keep tuned as the photo-walk continues, block by block … Challenging dog Image by Photo Philosophy See, she’s displaying off her ear tattoo and her tooth and Ducky that she just &quotkilled&quot…providing you the evil eye!…

Cool Music Tattoos images

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

…or modern religion and its mythos: In the Judeo-Christian canon, for example, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and the manna of the Old Testament are considered by several ethnomycologists to be allegories for a psychoactive mushroom. Hallucinogenic species of the psilocybe genus have a history of use among the native peoples of Mesoamerica for religious communion, divination, and healing, from pre-Columbian times to the present day. Mushro…

Good Dog Tattoos images

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

Check out these Dog Tattoos images: Tattoo Cooling off Image by tasker Foo dog Image by TenaciousR Beginning on the left arm. Believed about a peacock but I haven’t noticed 1 I like yet. Going to use black and grey background this time. Beware of the dogs! Beware of the evil workers! Beware of the mutilators! Image by ✁☄ KAIRUUINZURO ✁☄ shall any woman stand prior to a beast to lie down thereto: it is confusion?…

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