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Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

…miss it then. And if attainable, tell me the font you’d prefer to have, otherwise you will get my normal fonts, Tengwar Annatar Italic and Tengwar Parmaite. Please be aware that Tengwar is just a script, not a language. If you want actual Elven words, ask for a Quenya (High-Elven) or Sindarin (Grey-Elven) translation (like Tengwar). Btw, I anticipate a minimum of politeness from requesters. You know, say &quothi&quot and possibly…

bleeding heart

Friday, June 7th, 2013

…&quotHearts Afire&quot logo on the back of the card was hand painted, and will feature on the upcoming invitations. The rest of the lettering is from fonts in my library. The border operate is re-used from the border of Deb’s and my wedding applications. I feel I pulled it from some on the internet repository of henna art, but it serves as nicely to recommend the middle eastern flavor the Sojourn Chaplaincy wanted for this event….

Cool Hummingbird Tattoos photos

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

…er no, it really is not &quotnaked photos&quot barter.). [4:56 AM] * &quotHave you thought about fonts?&quot the tattoo artist asked. &quotYou imply I could get Comic Sans?&quot &quotIf… you happen to be into that sort of point.&quot [five:27 AM] * ADD meds needed for meeting greatly exacerbate anxiousness. Anxiousness meds needed for tattoo quickly following exacerbate ADD. This’ll be fun. [6:5…

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