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Good Traditional Tattoos pictures

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

A few nice Traditional Tattoos photos I identified: Hard to photograph but … Image by ohsarahrose rkj_2012_gorilla Image by rosskjones Ross K Jones Tattoo Artist 2013…


Sunday, March 17th, 2013

…mages: Finesse Image by Nicholaus Haskins ©Nicholaus Haskins A few of my favs from Saturdays wedding. Three-Eye Gorilla watching the Dog Image by Jack Zalium Never Play with Me … ’cause You’r Playing with Fire Image by dragon762w (moved to 500px) Last day of Chrissy and the pink shoes … for a even though. This shot is from the starting of the shoot just before it started raining. We had very good organic light and the top…

Good Phoenix Tattoos pictures

Thursday, July 4th, 2013

…hillin, 2. Finished Phoenix Tattoo two Designed with fd’s Flickr Toys. Only two, but I freakin adore that gorilla pic I took. I’m glad other people like it, as well. Ignite Phoenix 11 Image by sheiladeeisme Ignite Phoenix 11 was Friday, October 28, 2011. The thought is 18 speakers are selected to speak about what they are passionate about. They have five min, 20 slides. The slide automatically advance every single 15 seconds. Friday w…

Cool Spider Tattoos images

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

A couple of good Spider Tattoos photos I identified: design and style is finished Image by macwagen So, as I said, I wasn’t expecting to get inked yesterday, just look at the design. Properly…Rich’s appointment didn’t show up, so we decided on the spot that he’d do the outline prior to his subsequent appointment a handful of hours later. Cool! Gorilla Image by Lee Henry Sipes…

Cool Cartoon Tattoos photos

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016

A handful of nice Cartoon Tattoos pictures I found: Robo Gorilla Image by UD3 Graphics, these tees are designed to drop jaws. Exclusive Downright Dope Designs. // Illustration. || T-Shirt Print Design and style. // Old College Tattoos & Mics // Image by Visual Lab | Aris Sakkas Vector Illustration for T-Shirt | Collaboration of a Tattoo Shop (SelfMade Tattoos &amp Balkan Riddims (Music Project)….

Cool Religious Tattoos photos

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

Some cool Religious Tattoos images: Image from page 647 of “The world’s inhabitants or, Mankind, animals, and plants being a well-known account of the races and nations of mankind, past and present, and the animals and plants inhabiting the great continents and principal islands” (1888)…

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