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Cool Dragonfly Tattoos photos

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

…Image by Kymberly Janisch carried out at Colour Operates in Dublin Ireland. Solar dragonfly Image by kenjonbro Dragonflies get rid of me fifty years and a thousand miles in time and space to reed-lined ponds ripe with algae and clotted with moss where heat beat sullen tattoos on bare-skin backs and stifled breath exactly where air hung heavy over dust-strewn lanes and only glittering flight broke the nonetheless, glittering dragonflies’ stolid f…

Cool Dragonfly Tattoos pictures

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

…Co., Seattle WA Little Heidi is great! We really highly recommend her Dragonflies Image by A Digital Diva One of the items I gather are all factors related to dragonflies. I have the usual assortment of candles, figurines, clothing, and even a tattoo. This is a pattern on a tubular pillow. I can’t locate a spot for the pillow, but I enjoy the brocaded nature of the fabric so I use it as a foot rest…

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