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Cool Eye Tattoos photos

Friday, March 21st, 2014

Some cool Eye Tattoos photos: Outreach To Survivor Households – FMWRC – US Army – 100811 Image by familymwr PHOTO CAPTION: Getting Ready- Redstone Arsenal’s Survivor Outreach Solutions coordinator Emily McFall puts some finishing touches on wall art from Shel Silverstein’s &quotThe Giving Tree.&quot The wall art decorates the children’s area in the new SOS headquarters at Army Neighborhood Service. W…

Pink Warrior Cancer Survivor

Monday, February 25th, 2013

A couple of good Spiritual Tattoos pictures I located: Pink Warrior Cancer Survivor Image by 【Kelly D Photography】 A stunning design and style to enhance healing. Live painting Image by Zawezome…

The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo and the Structure of My Self: A Robo-Lady and an All Seeing Man in me

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

…performing, for myself, “in my head”, was auto-erotic, transsexual, and then some — it was also incestuous. “The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo,” stopped short of portraying real incest and of course the incest that I discovered in my head (my soul/psyche/self) was not real. Lisbeth was a ward of the state and she was raped by her guardian. The Lisbeth-gardian parent-child relationship was in name only, but their sex was real…

Cool Bear Tattoos pictures

Saturday, August 10th, 2013

…d became HIV+ as a outcome. I have fought numerous battles with the illness, but I will not be defeated. I am a survivor.&quot I am a survivor! Following I was raped, stabbed several instances, and then eventually diagnosed with HIV, I attempted suicide far more than once and have had multiple hospitalizations. It was all almost also considerably to bear. I was offered a death sentence. Yes, I have had my battles with this illness, but I wil…

Cool Sun Tattoos pictures

Thursday, February 26th, 2015

…t ourselves to be aware of it, her, due to the layer upon layer of grotesqueness, sin, as in sex, masturbation, incest, homo-sex, and murder. At the very least, as Lacan says, we had her do the deed and cut us loose from the father, but in our imagination, at least according to me, she ‘sides’ with us. She ribs us. As a outcome, typically speaking this, patricidal fantasy is far also horrible to thought or expressed, so mother #2 has…

Cool Dog Tattoos pictures

Monday, February 9th, 2015

…he 1st lengthy roll of thegreat Civil War. He is still living in Warsaw, Indiana, and bids fairto be the latest survivor of the wonderful and grand army of which he wasthe youngest member. With the swift advancing years the ranks ofthe soldiers of the late war are getting rapidly thinned out, and tliosewho however remain are displaying indicators of age. The Boys in Blue arethus, as theyears go by, virtually imperceptibly turning into the Boysin…

Caitlins dalia

Friday, January 25th, 2013

Some cool Breast Cancer Tattoos images: Caitlins dalia Image by ragz1138 Dalia flower with cancer ribbon done for her mother who is a breast cancer survivor. Ragz Rejected Katalist Konsepts 218 Linden Fort Collins CO 80524 970-472-1675 Violent Lips Glitterati at Sephora Image by missmeng is donated to The National Breast Cancer Coalition for each and every Glitterati applied….

Cool Zodiac Tattoos images

Sunday, February 10th, 2013

…io…to my defense, I only do that when it’s pro football season 33: Last show you watched? *blushes* SURVIVOR PHILIPPINES 34: Last person you talked to? My co-worker 35: The relationship between you and the person you last texted? sister 36: Favorite food? Spaghetti with garlic bread 37: Place you want to visit? Ireland. And Japan, even though I’ve been there and the yen is so super strong now. 38: Last place you were? Getting my…

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