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Boat Tours 2010

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

A few good Sports Tattoos images I discovered: Boat Tours 2010 Image by Port of Tacoma Kids and adults alike sported whale tattoos. The tattoos have been among many activities accessible although guests waited to board the Goodtime II for the Port’s annual guided boat tours of the functioning waterfront. The Port’s boat tours are held throughout Tacoma Maritime Fest. Sonora Hellcats 6378 Image by RussellReno My good friend Jessie Jay…

Skid Row

Saturday, April 20th, 2013

Some cool Snake Tattoos pictures: Skid Row Image by Movie Stars and Rockets Skid Row @ Rocklahoma on 7/12/09. Day 22: Snake (Simpsons) kinda jacked #drawdec #draw #drawing #doodle #drawsomething #sketch #sketching #simpsons #cartoon #illustration #snake #rifle #handgun #shotgun #guns #shooting #nra #tattoo #prison #prisoner #mattgroening #thesimpsons #bye #smoki Image by Scott (Double Beard) Savage Red Fashion #1 Image by ImagoBox Scatti legati…


Monday, May 13th, 2013

A handful of nice Wildlife Tattoos photos I located: Boat Image by Vineet Radhakrishnan Flamingo Image by Vineet Radhakrishnan…

2008 in images

Sunday, June 1st, 2014

A handful of good Cherry Tattoos pictures I located: 2008 in photos Image by the queen of subtle row 1: overhead in key west matt at a tequila factory in mexico hoodlums at the doomtree show at grand old day my new automobile, orange derek closing ceremonies at the breast cancer 3-day, st paul matt’s parents celebrating his mom’s birthday row two: our christmas tree spoon bridge and cherry, minneapolis matt at the election celebratio…

Execution Bed

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

…s her statement, I am led from a makeshift media center to the notorious H Unit, home of Oklahoma’s death row. A pat down guarantees our escorts that I carry no possessions other than the garments on my back. They give me paper and a pen so I can take notes. I am joined by 5 other reporters. We maneuver by means of a set of gates that open to a massive passageway. The walls and floor are created of smooth concrete. The passage feels stark,…

Cool Music Tattoos pictures

Saturday, January 4th, 2014

Check out these Music Tattoos images: Skid Row Image by Film Stars and Rockets Scotti Hill. Skid Row @ Rocklahoma on 7/12/09. Skid Row Image by Movie Stars and Rockets Rachel Bolan. Skid Row @ Rocklahoma on 7/12/09….

Kid of the 80’s…

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

…At that time, there was no Coronado bridge and the only way to get downtown was via the nickel snatcher, a USN boat that went from NAS to the foot of Broadway. The walk up to the center of San Diego to Union Square was an expertise with the a variety of tattoo parlors, cafes and beer joints. The drinking age, nonetheless, was strictly 21, and most of the clubs enforced this with no exceptions. But there were some place off Broadway that would be…

A Cruise on the S.S. Brainstorm

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

…oy shop in Kochi, India Ms. Levine spent an hour fixing a royal-blue sail. Below a driving rain, with ducks and rowboats floating nearby, they launched Protei in the park’s green pond. Standing below a tree with the remote control, Mr. Harada directed the white vessel into the depths: it glided practically silently via the water, generating graceful, slithery turns. Their friends, getting by no means observed Protei totally in action before, jump…

Ting Mountain by Nerv A single IMG_6227

Sunday, September 1st, 2013

…quotLeft coast funk&quot style in a SoHo-like atmosphere, Crewest Gallery is located in the trendy gallery row in downtown Los Angeles. Surrounded by historic-buildings-turn-l ofts, it is conveniently situated inside walking distance to hot downtown spots such as Bar 107 (across), Pete’s Café (a single block), Small Tokyo, and the soon to be opened &quotImaginAsian Cinema Center.&quot IMG_6201 Image by inkeola Top of the Dome…

Urban Mural, Street Art: Floating Calavera & Heart Balloon, Phoenix, Arizona

Sunday, February 8th, 2015

…ona. It is painted on the west exterior wall of Golden Rule Tattoo. Street artist: Lalo Cato From the Roosevelt Row web site: Roosevelt Row Arts District (RoRo) is a walkable, creative district in the urban core of downtown Phoenix that is nationally recognized for its arts and cultural events, award-winning restaurants, galleries, boutiques and reside music. RoRo is fostering an urban renewal with rehabilitated bungalows and new infill projects….

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