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Image from page 159 of “The Australian abroad on branches from the primary routes round the world” (1885)
Skeleton Tattoos

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Identifier: australianabroad00hingrich
Title: The Australian abroad on branches from the major routes round the planet
Year: 1885 (1880s)
Authors: Hingston, James, b. 1830
Subjects: Australia — Description and travel East Asia — Description and travel New Zealand — Description and travel Middle East — Description and travel
Publisher: Melbourne, W. Inglis

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ads.With no that support the paper would most most likely collapse. Walking about, but much more usually sitting or lolling, seem everywhere thegaunt-seeking natives in practically their primeval state. They are a tall, thin,upright race, and look mainly half-starved. Nowhere had I seen such tall. I40 The Mai?i Routes Round the World. skeleton-hunting girls. Their black faces, painted in bands of white, givea disgusting deaths-head appear to numerous of them. These natives know nothingof throwing the boomerang, and are a distinct sort of folk altogether towhat a single sees about Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide. They are taller andstraighter, possessing also—the males at least—better-featured faces. An ugly fashion of these natives is cutting across the flesh of their arms,legs, and chests, in a way that, helped by some medicating help, leaves raisedbands or ridges when the wound heals. I thought that I had noticed elsewhereevery fashion of disfiguring nature, but this idea of corrugating the skin was a

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A NATIVE QUEEN. novelty. These ridges are half an inch thick, and of the like breadth. Beautyor utility does not seem to be in any way served by this rudimentary attemptat tattooing. It gives 1 a correct concept of the position of these aboriginals ascompared with that of the New Zealand Maories, who carry tattooing to theperfection of the art. These folks merely disfigure themselves, but someMaori faces are produced really picturesque in their several colours. Amongst thesavage concept of putting the colour under the skin, and the civilized a single ofputting it on the surface, the option, in all cause, should be in favour of thefirst. Good ruby cheeks, and coral lips, fixed in pigments by the tattooersart at twenty-one, preserve a fresh appearance for all the time of the wearer, Native Customs. 141 who is as a result created stunning for ever—or for the lifetime of the wearer—whichto a Maori is considerably the identical factor. About the streets of Palmerston these aboriginals saunter in a lot,establishing themselve

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