Some cool Skeleton Tattoos images:

Sketching tattoo ideas, i get in touch with this one ‘ghost deer skeleton guy’
Skeleton Tattoos

Image by Jaykillah

Mexico C278 – 50th Anniversary of the Death of Jose Guadalupe Posada
Skeleton Tattoos

Image by pdxjmorris
Few have had as wonderful an effect on Mexican art as that of Jose Guadalupe Posada, turn of the century graphic artist Jose Guadalupe Posada, master of the Calavera – skeleton drawing. This is a personal favored of mine, Calavera de Don Quijote, I’ve even believed of receiving it as a giant tattoo across the top of my back….alas, the dreams of youth. He etched his pictures by hand onto zinc plates at the the Taller of Antonio Venegas Arroyo, translating the zeitgeist of the Mexican street into penny broadsheet newspapers. I genuinely need to uncover a nicer specimen of this situation! (11/9/63)