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Cool Skull Tattoos pictures

Monday, November 17th, 2014

Some cool Skull Tattoos pictures:

and… outfit is prepared!
Skull Tattoos

Image by amy.gizienski
skull tattoo

‘Doe Network’ performs to give names to the dead

Friday, November 14th, 2014

Some cool Skull Tattoos images:

‘Doe Network’ performs to give names to the dead
Skull Tattoos

Image by Renegade98
* Story Highlights
* Todd Matthews, 37, says identifying the &quotDoes&quot is a &quotcalling&quot
* The Doe Network has volunteers and chapters in each and every state.
* More than 40,000 unnamed bodies exist in the U.S., law enforcement reports say
* About 100,000 men and women are formally listed as missing, according to reports

LIVINGSTON, Tennessee (AP) — Their faces seem to float from Todd Matthews’ laptop — morgue photographs, artist sketches, forensic reconstructions — thousands of dead eyes staring from endless Web web sites as although crying out for recognition. John and Jane and Infant &quotDoes&quot whose nameless bodies have never ever been identified.

His wife, Lori, complains that Matthews, a 37-year-old auto components supplier, spends far more time with the dead than he does with the living, which includes his two sons, Dillan, 16, and Devin, 6.

You require a hobby, she says, or a objective.

I have a goal, he replies, though he describes it as a &quotcalling.&quot

He wants to give &quotDoes&quot back their names.

His obsession started two decades ago, when Lori told him about the unidentified young lady wrapped in canvas whose physique her father had stumbled on in Georgetown, Kentucky, in 1968. She had reddish-brown hair and a gap-toothed smile. And no one particular knew her name.

So locals blessed her with 1. They buried her under an apple tree with a pink granite tombstone engraved with the words &quotTent Girl.&quot

Tent Girl haunted him. Who had been her siblings? What was her name?

Matthews started browsing library records and police reports, not even confident what he was seeking. He scraped with each other the funds to get a personal computer. He started scouring message boards on the nascent Internet.

In the method, Matthews found anything extraordinary. All over the nation, people just like him have been gingerly tapping into the new technology, producing a movement — a network of amateur sleuths as curious and impassioned as Matthews.

Right now the Doe Network has volunteers and chapters in each state. Bank managers and waitresses, factory workers and farmers, personal computer technicians and grandmothers, all believing that with enough time and work, modern day technology can resolve the mysteries of the missing dead.

Increasingly, they are succeeding.

The unnamed dead are everywhere — buried in unmarked graves, tagged in county morgues, dumped in rivers and below bridges, interred in potter’s fields and all manner of makeshift tombs. There are much more than 40,000 unnamed bodies in the U.S., according to national law enforcement reports, and about one hundred,000 people formally listed as missing.

The premise of the Doe Network is simple. If the correct details — dental records, DNA, police reports, photographs — is correctly entered into the proper databases, several of the unidentified can be matched with the missing. Law enforcement agencies and medical examiners offices merely don’t have the time or manpower. Employing the World wide web and other tools, volunteers can do the job.

And so, in the suburbs of Chicago, bank executive Barbara Lamacki spends her nights browsing for clues that may recognize toddler Johnny &quotDupage&quot Doe, whose physique was wrapped in a blue laundry bag and dumped in the woods of rural Dupage County, Illinois, in 2005.

In Kettering, Ohio, Rocky Wells, a 47-year-old manager of a package delivery firm, scoots his teenage daughters from the living space personal computer and scours the Internet for something that may possibly crack the case of the red-haired Jane Doe identified strangled near Route 55 in 1981. &quotBuckskin Girl,&quot she was called, because of the cowboy-style suede jacket she was wearing when she was located.

And in Penn Hills, Pennsylvania, Nancy Monahan, 54, who creates floor displays for a discount chain, says her &quotreal job&quot begins in the evening when she returns to her creaky yellow house and her black cat, Maxine, turns on her pc and begins sleuthing.

Monahan’s instances incorporate that of &quotBeth Doe,&quot a young pregnant woman strangled, shot and dismembered, her remains stuffed into 3 suitcases and flung off a bridge along Interstate 80 near White Haven in December 1976. And &quotHomestead Doe,&quot whose mummified body was located in an abandoned railroad tunnel in Pittsburgh in 2000. Her toenails have been painted silver.

Monahan was so moved that final year she sought out the tunnel, climbed down the embankment and presented a silent prayer for the young lady whose life ended in such a pitiful place.

&quotIt’s like they become family,&quot Monahan says. &quotYou really feel a responsibility to bring them house.&quot

The stories of Doe Network members are as person as the situations they are attempting to resolve. Bobby Lingoes got involved via his connection with law enforcement — he’s a civilian dispatcher with the Quincy, Massachusetts, police department. Traycie Sherwood of Richmond, Missouri, joined when her adoptive mother died and she went on line looking for her birth mother. Daphne Owings, a 45-year-old mother of two in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, required something to take her thoughts off the war when her husband was sent to Iraq.

Matches can be triggered by a single detail — a tattoo, a piece of clothes, a broken bone. It’s just a query of the appropriate particular person spotting the proper piece of data and piecing collectively the puzzle. The method can be tedious and frustrating.

And it can take its toll. Lori Matthews when left her husband for six months due to the fact of his obsession with Tent Girl. &quotHe didn’t speak about something else,&quot she said. &quotIt wasn’t regular.&quot

They reconciled soon after Matthews agreed to limit the quantity of time — and money — he spent on &quotDoes.&quot

Still, Matthews and other individuals say the rewards of cracking a case make the time worthwhile. The Doe Network claims to have assisted in solving far more than 40 circumstances and ruling out hundreds far more.

&quotThey do God’s perform,&quot says Mark Czworniak, 50, a veteran homicide detective in Chicago.

He very first encountered the Doe Network when he was approached by Lamacki, the Chicago bank executive, about possible matches. In contrast to some officers, Czworniak has no hesitation about functioning with civilian volunteers, specially those willing to devote endless hours to cold cases that he can not get to.

Czworniak says there are hundreds of &quotDoes&quot in the division files. He is assigned five, such as a tall, 30-one thing man discovered at the Navy Pier in 2003. Czworniak hopes that the man’s height will aid Lamacki or an additional Network volunteer eventually make an identification.

&quotShe’s like a small bloodhound,&quot says Czworniak, who exchanges e-mails with Lamacki on circumstances every week and has introduced her to other detectives. &quotShe has the wherewithal and interest and time and she searches these websites I’m not even conscious of.&quot

In one more sign of the network’s influence, Matthews was asked to serve on a government process force involved in making the 1st national online information bank for missing and unidentified.

The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, NamUS, launched final year, is made up of two databases, one for the missing and one for the unidentified. The aim is to have health-related examiners and law enforcement agencies around the nation continuously update details on both web sites. Subsequent year the web sites will be linked and created obtainable for public browsing.

No 1 believes NamUS will place the Doe Network out of enterprise — there will often be a need to have for men and women with their experience to make the required connections.

And so, households of the missing will no doubt continue to rely on people like Todd Matthews.

At his house in Livingston, Matthews has built a little nook next to the living space — his &quotDoe workplace,&quot he calls it. His desk is laden with photos of dead bodies. He says he gets several e-mails about situations every week. Each night he scrolls down the lists, browsing for new data:

Unidentified White Female. Wore a necklace of silver beads and 3 small turquoise stones, one particular resembling a bird. Located in a Calendonia cornfield in New York state in 1979. …

Unidentified White female. Strawberry-blonde hair and 12 infant teeth. Wearing a pink and white dress that buttoned in the back and a disposable diaper. Identified Jackson County, Mississippi, 1982. …

Unidentified Black Female. Gunshot wound to the skull. Discovered next to highway ramp in Campbell County, Tennessee, in 1998…

The final case is close to Matthews’ heart. Sally, he named her, following a Campbell County police officer entrusted him with her skull in 2001.

The police did not have the time or indicates to pay for a clay reconstruction, and so — with the approval of the nearby coroner — Matthews took the skull to a Doe Network forensic artist. A image of the reconstructed head was placed on the Network web site. The skull sat on Matthews’ desk for over a year, and even Lori, who was at 1st so horrified she could not look at it, grew fond of Sally. She remains unidentified.

But even Sally can’t take the place of the first Doe, the a single who changed Matthews’ life. He nevertheless routinely drives to Kentucky, to a lonely plot in Georgetown to pay a visit to her.

&quotShe’s family members now,&quot he says.

Standing by her grave, he tells of the night in 1998 when, scouring chat rooms for the missing, he stumbled upon a message from Rosemary Westbrook of Benton, Arkansas.

Westbrook sought data about her sister, Bobbie, who was 24 when she went missing 30 years earlier. Bobbie had married a man who worked in a carnival, and she was final seen in Lexington. She had reddish-brown hair and a gap-toothed smile.

Over and over Matthews stared at the message. And in his heart he knew.

Lori, he cried, racing into the bedroom and shaking awake his wife

&quotI’ve identified her. I identified Tent Girl.&quot

Weeks later the remains had been exhumed. The match was confirmed by DNA.

The loved ones decided to re-inter her in the spot that had been her resting spot for so numerous years. Beneath the stone etched &quotTent Girl&quot they placed a tiny gray 1 engraved with her genuine name, the name that Matthews had restored.

She is Barbara Ann Hackmann, now and for eternity.

Copyright 2008 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

‘Doe Network’ operates to give names to the dead

The Doenetwork

Project EDAN – Everybody Deserves A Name

Raising the Dead – Wired

Tent Girl – Barbara Ann Hackmann

Sketches express softer side of missing ladies

The Crimson King Upon His Throne of a Thousand Skulls
Skull Tattoos

Image by Zombie Inc. Wholesale Zombies for More than 25 years
Someday I’ll get this tattooed onto me

Good Skull Tattoos pictures

Sunday, October 26th, 2014

A couple of nice Skull Tattoos images I discovered:

Shower time, leaving Cannes. My preferred Skull will be forever mine… #skull #tattoo #skullmania #tattoomania #cannes #art #drawing #awsome @erikveas
Skull Tattoos

Image by Romana Correale
on Instagram

Cool Skull Tattoos images

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

Check out these Skull Tattoos pictures:

Skull Tattoos

Image by juana manuel
there are tiny skulls on the face tattoo….

Cool Skull Tattoos pictures

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

A couple of good Skull Tattoos pictures I found:

Skull Tattoos

Image by Athalfred DKL
Ver aquí / View right here

[Oviedo, Spain @ Polideportivo Fozaneldi]
[anticipada 18€ || taquilla 20€]
[Sábado 19 diciembre 2009]
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– LA FELGUERA: 3Point Shop, Matteria Creativa
– MIERES: Old Skulls
Sponsors y colaboradores:
HELL’S Property TATTOO –
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Entradas: site=T…

Cool Skull Tattoos pictures

Monday, October 13th, 2014

Some cool Skull Tattoos images:

Skate or Die Skull Tattoo
Skull Tattoos

Image by TattooArteBTU

Skate or Die Skull Tattoo
Skull Tattoos

Image by TattooArteBTU

mini me

Monday, October 13th, 2014

Verify out these Skull Tattoos pictures:

mini me
Skull Tattoos

Image by hmmlargeart
the box from spooky arrived! there will be lots of adorable skull bunnies to adhere to but this had to be photoboothed even though i sit on the porch with (edit), dorking about on our respective keyboards and soaking in the glorious morning

Good Skull Tattoos pictures

Sunday, October 12th, 2014

A handful of good Skull Tattoos images I discovered:

Image from web page 87 of “From the Congo to the Niger and the Nile : an account of The German Central African expedition of 1910-1911″ (1913)
Skull Tattoos

Image by Web Archive Book Images
Identifier: fromcongotoniger02adoluoft
Title: From the Congo to the Niger and the Nile : an account of The German Central African expedition of 1910-1911
Year: 1913 (1910s)
Authors: Adolf Friedrich, Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, 1873-1969 Deutsche Zentral-Afrika-expedition, 1910-1911
Subjects: Africa, Central — Description and travel
Publisher: London : Duckworth

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Text Appearing Ahead of Image:
re nevertattooed the girls, on the other hand, tattoo them-selves all over. The guys despise tliis sort of adorn-ment, and it is only on rare occasions that they rubinto their skm a mixture of palm oil and red dye. The womens dress consists of a narrow, dark-brownstri]) of the identical bark material, covering them in front,but leaving their backs bare, and fastened round thewaist with a tliin cord. A Httle apron made of driedbanana leaves hangs from this cord, and is recognized asthe legbe. It is typically richly ornamented, and decoratedin various approaches. The far better class girls wear cuffsof spirally wound copper ^vi^e, as effectively as bead necklacesand bracelets. But their cliief characteristic is theirvery striking coiffure, wliich is begun in infancy. The curious custom prevails amongst the Mangbettusof lengthening the skull by implies of a bandage firmlywound round the head of an infant from the foreheadupwards. (Illus. 18.) As the head developes, thisbandage is loosened from time to time, and the result

Text Appearing Soon after Image:
&gt- o u ^ o o three o m « c = THE MANGBETTU Nation 51 is that the leading of the skull acquires a conical shape.It is a exceptional reality that this deformation of theskull does not look in any way to affect the intellect,and it definitely improves the physiognomy by raisingthe upper eye-lids, so that the Mangbettu womenappear to possess bigger eyes than other negresses.They twist their hair into many thin plaits whichare arranged on a tliin wooden erection resemblingan oyster-basket. (Illus. 19, 20.) This hair-dressingnaturally occupies a fantastic numerous hours, and is conse-quently worn for several weeks at a time. The womenpush various articles into their erection of hair : bleachedmonkeys bones, or extended steel needles with flattenedpoints. These factors do not serve the goal ofhairpins, but are employed for manicure, given that the womentake excellent care of their nails. The Mangbettu girls, at any price those of theupper classes, wash themselves numerous instances a dayfrom head to foot, preferably with w

Note About Pictures
Please note that these photos are extracted from scanned web page pictures that might have been digitally enhanced for readability – coloration and look of these illustrations might not perfectly resemble the original work.

Image from web page 603 of “The world’s inhabitants or, Mankind, animals, and plants being a well-liked account of the races and nations of mankind, previous and present, and the animals and plants inhabiting the fantastic continents and principal islands” (1888)
Skull Tattoos

Image by World wide web Archive Book Pictures
Identifier: worldsinhabitant00bett
Title: The world’s inhabitants or, Mankind, animals, and plants becoming a common account of the races and nations of mankind, past and present, and the animals and plants inhabiting the excellent continents and principal islands
Year: 1888 (1880s)
Authors: Bettany, G. T. (George Thomas), 1850-1891
Subjects: Civilization Culture
Publisher: London Ward, Lock

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Text Appearing Just before Image:
ir verj^ name signifying eaters they get in touch with themselves Zande3Tiie Niam- They have round, broad heads, covered with thick frizzly hairNiam. Qf wonderful length, arranged in lengthy plaits and tufts. Their eyesare massive, almond-shaped, and wide apart, in conformity with the Avidthof the skull. The eyebrows are thick, and extremely arched. The nose isvery flat and broad, and the mouth is scarcely wider than the nostrils.The cheeks are complete and rounded, giving a common circular aspect tothe face. No one particular, according to Schweinfurth, could fail to identify theNiam-Niam at the 1st glance. The colour of their skin is a dullchocolate, and as marks of nationality they tattoo themselves with threeor four squares of dots on foreheads, temples, or cheeks. On festivalsthey cover the physique with powdered red wormwood, marked with a blackpattern in gardenia-juice. Their incisor teeth are filed to a point, toenable them to grip the arm of an enemy. Their height is an averageone, and they are mainly rather fat.

Text Appearing Soon after Image:
Albinos. MONBUTTU Woman. THE NIAM-NIAM. 591 Generally the Niani-Niam dress only in skins, fastened to a girdleround the loins. The mens hair is arranged in a wonderful assortment otfashions, even though the womens is scarcely dressed at all. In 1 Mode of hair-style, the men have the hair drawn out into a series of rays, &ltiressing.and stretched tightly over a hoop of considerable size, ornamented withcowries and the hoop is fastened to the reduced rim of a straw hat by four

Note About Pictures
Please note that these images are extracted from scanned web page images that could have been digitally enhanced for readability – coloration and appearance of these illustrations may possibly not completely resemble the original operate.

Cool Skull Tattoos pictures

Sunday, October 12th, 2014

Some cool Skull Tattoos photos:

juana dramah queen
Skull Tattoos

Image by juana manuel
juana dramatica wears:

pensees noires gown set
by grim bros/cutea benelli

steampunk’d cloisonne corset, bone collector collar,
and mourna skin by nomine
gloves by sweetest goodbye
mad lilly hair ebony by i love 13
lucy hair by magika
37 hair by W&ampY
thigh high boots by j’s
aura parasol by violent seduction
to reside and to die tattoos by bakersfield kidd
skull nose ring by avz
hair rose by gfield

at blackfriars theater
listening to also much sand on headphones by mobster
download at:

November three, 2007 ~ Leading of The Dome 4 @ Crewest
Skull Tattoos

Image by amayzun
4th Annual Dia de Los Muertos Exhibition
Opening Reception: Sat. November 3rd, 6-10pm
(show runs by means of Dec.4th)

Over one hundred ceramic skulls painted, sculpted, and made by
some of today’s ideal recognized and emerging graffiti artists,
designers, tattoo artists, and sculptors.

Artists incorporate:
Gregg Stone, Cache, Vyal, Werc, Mr.Cartoon, Dave Kawano,
Wisk, Alonys.Art, Chris Brand, Man One particular, Massive Pranks, Relax,
Toonz, Natoe, Stan Corona, Antonio Mejia, Susan Bolles, EMI,
Smear, Chuey Quintanar, Vague, Derek Puleston, Ritzy Periwinkle,
Mr.JJ, Randy Kono, Grillo, Pint, Taer (Oscar the Grouch),and several other folks…

Cool Skull Tattoos pictures

Saturday, October 11th, 2014

Verify out these Skull Tattoos photos:

Skull Tattoos

Image by juana manuel
juana borgia has a fit of guilt in a wedding chapel.

cruelty set (and skin) &amp belle mort shoes by cutea benelli/grim bros
his embrace burgundy gloves and stockings by self expressions
dreads purple by bp
skull nose piercing by avz
mayan dream tattoos (tinted red) by garden of ku

in an unknown french wedding chapel sim listening to
&quothildegarde on ice&quot from the secret garden project

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