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Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

Some cool Spider Tattoos images:

sky day 213
Spider Tattoos

Image by maureen_sill
so these days i spent six hours in the emergency room at the hospital
which is amazing due to the fact my dad’s health insurance began Today
excellent timing
what started as waking up to my correct arm getting totally numb and cold
turned out to be a bite from a poisonous spider
which lead to me getting hooked up to an IV for a number of hours to flush the venom out of my program and becoming injected with antivenom and tested for like a billion diseases
none of which i have

and a nurse told me about two guys who came in earlier that day with infected tattoos
she said they utilized the same needle when getting their tattoos
homemade tattoos, she stated
and one particular of the guys was HIV positive
why the fuck did she inform that to me
what the fucking fuck
there should be wordwide mandatory hiv testing
paid for by the collective ceos of the top five richest businesses in america

i am fine now
i have three hospital bracelets which i am satisfied about
all is well and i am not worried
my arm is nonetheless cold and weak but i believe it will be fine
i can really feel it now

thirsty arachnids trying to paralyze me
silly small spider
i ain’t gonna hurt ya, little buddy
calm down tiny guy
spiders need to have to go vegan

Nice Spider Tattoos images

Saturday, October 25th, 2014

Verify out these Spider Tattoos photos:

Image from web page 527 of “The polar and tropical worlds : a description of man and nature in the polar and equatorial regions of the globe” (1874)
Spider Tattoos

Image by Internet Archive Book Pictures
Identifier: polartropicalwor00hartuoft
Title: The polar and tropical worlds : a description of man and nature in the polar and equatorial regions of the globe
Year: 1874 (1870s)
Authors: Hartwig, G. (Georg), 1813-1880 Guernsey, Alfred Hudson, 1824-1902
Subjects: Arctic peoples All-natural history Antarctica Arctic regions Tropics
Publisher: Guelph, Ont. : J.W. Lyon

View Book Web page: Book Viewer
About This Book: Catalog Entry
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Click here to view book on the internet to see this illustration in context in a browseable on-line version of this book.

Text Appearing Before Image:
south, which at that time provides them, every single according to its taste,with the nourishment which the dry summer season is unable to bestow even though the ostrich,who in the course of the summer time ranged farther to the north, then retreats to the south for hotand sandy plains are the paradise in which this singular bird delights to roam. In the southern part of the Sahara the tropical rains, whose limits extend to 19°north latitude, and in some components still farther to the north, generate comparable periodicalchanges in the character of the desert. Beneath their influence the sandy plains aresoon covered with grasses and shrubs. In the dry season, on the contrary, th-^ sr^G(^ncarpet disappears, and the nation then changes into an arid waste, covered with stubblesand tufts of mimosas. This useful alter, even so, does not take spot everyyear for the tropical rains frequently fail to seem on their northern boundaries, andthus disappoint the hopes of the thirsty desert. 33 514 THE TKOriCAL Globe. c7 :^rs::i^

Text Appearing After Image:
IGARIPE, OR CANOE-PATH ON THE AMAZOK. CHAPTER IV. TEOPICAL FOKESTS.—VALLEY OF THE AMAZON. Traits of tlie Tropical Forests—Variety of Trees and Plants—Aspect For the duration of theKainy Season—Beauty Right after the Kainy Season—A Morning Concert—Kepose at Noon—Awakening at Evening—Nocturnal Voices of the Forest.—Tlie Amazon: Course of theRiver—Size of its Basin—The Tide at its Mouth—Eising of the River—Igaripes, or Canoe-Paths—Liundations of the Amazon—Vast Selection of its Vegetation—Fishes—AgassizsSpecimens—Alligators and Turtles—Turtle-Hunting—Insects—Ants—Butterflies—Spiders—Lizards—Frogs and Toads—Snakes—Paucity of Mammalia—The Jaguar—Scantinessof Human Population—Indian Tribes—Mundurcu Tattooing—Travelers Accounts of theTribes—Men with Tails—Ortons Summary of their Character—His Personal ExperienceFavorable—He finds them Honest and Peaceable—Agassizs Notices of the Indians—TheirFamiliarity with Animals and Plants—Whit

Note About Photos
Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page photos that might have been digitally enhanced for readability – coloration and look of these illustrations might not perfectly resemble the original operate.

Nice Spider Tattoos images

Sunday, June 8th, 2014

Some cool Spider Tattoos images:

Proud Owner
Spider Tattoos

Image by macloo
Check out the tattoo on this man’s forehead. Well, it’s hard to see … but it is a big spider! On his FOREHEAD!

Cool Spider Tattoos pictures

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

A couple of nice Spider Tattoos pictures I located:

your favorites – set 16

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

A couple of good Spider Tattoos pictures I located:

your favorites – set 16
Spider Tattoos

Image by dietmut
your favorites – set 16
thank you really a lot all my close friends

1. Bergsingel, 2. remmen ?? / brakes ??, three. schildering / painting, four. herfst bessen/ autumn berries, five. herfst kleur/ autumn colour, six. Untitled, 7. hazelnoten/hazelnuts, 8. Yusk – muurschildering/mural, 9. nieuwsgierig ! / inquisitive !, ten. herfstaster, 11. ik heb je wel gezien ! / spider I located you !!, 12. mooie lamp – gorgeous lamp, 13. St. Laurenskerk, Rotterdam, 14. St. Laurenskerk, Rotterdam, 15. St. Laurenskerk, Rotterdam, 16. artist, 17. korstzwam / fungi, 18. korstzwam / fungi, 19. muurschildering/mural Hilton-Hotel – Yusk, Ramon, Dalata &amp Martins, 20. stadhuis/town hall Rotterdam, 21. fontein stadhuis / fountain town hall Rotterdam, 22. mozaïk op de overloop van de oude Delftsepoort / mosaic of the old Delftsepoort, 23. parkettvloer / parquet, 24. detail ramen / detail windows, 25. detail ramen / detail windows, 26. mozaïek oude stadhuis / mosaic old town hall, 27. mozaïk oude stadhuis / mosaic old town hall, 28. graffiti, Schiekade, 29. oud militairen voor het stadhuis Rotterdam, 30. mini-taptoe Coolsingel, Rotterdam / military tattoo, 31. mini-taptoe Coolsingel, Rotterdam / military tattoo, 32. het nieuwe metro station Rotterdam Centraal, 33. een dagje Kijkduin, 34. een dagje Kijkduin, 35. een dagje Kijkduin, 36. kleurrijk container

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We’re On A Mission From Hershey

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

A couple of good Spider Tattoos photos I located:

We’re On A Mission From Hershey
Spider Tattoos

Image by andyi
&quotOh, certain, Andy,&quot you sneer, from behind your Jango Fett mask. &quotYou hold spouting off about your small Guidelines and Expectations for costuming. But only these of us who truly serve in uniform can speak with any authority.&quot

Don’t claim that Ihnatko cannot walk the stroll. This photo illustrates most of my Fundamental Principles of Costuming, which I’ve formulated via years of field observations at cons and other geeky functions:

1) Costuming is fun. Dressing up on Halloween doesn’t make you a weirdo and anybody who pokes fun at this simple concept has a broken chromosome somewhere where his Enjoyable gene is supposed to be.


2) There is a suitable time and a correct spot. Such as: Comic-con, or answering the door on Halloween evening, just to name two examples. You invite a particular quantity of suitable ridicule when you wear a Naruto costume at a parent-teacher conference…particularly if you happen to be the teacher.

2) You have to pick a costume that will function for you. Alas, this calls for you to make a brutal and frank assessment of your look and body variety.

Note the subject on the proper. It must not be legal for a shop to sell me a Spider-Man costume. I’m as opposed to the concept of a Nanny State as anyone else but y’know, there is such a point as The Public Good.

3) If you’re going to do this, then do it.

If you show up dressed as a Ranger from &quotBabylon 5&quot I’m not going to loupe your Anla’shok badge to make certain that the Minbari and Human figures are on the correct sides (Left and Correct, respectively). But I am going to point out that their weapon of choice was a Minbari extendable pike…not a stubby hollow plastic pirate cutlass from Toys ‘R’ Us.

It wasn’t just genetics and a lack of exercise that put me on the Jake Blues Expressway. I also happened to already have most of the costume in inventory, like a black suit and a white dress shirt. My sideburns? Built-in, baby.

The sunglasses are an important signature detail. My daily prescription pair just take place to be classic tortoiseshell Ray-Ban Wayfarers…which is precisely appropriate for Jake. Elwood wears the very same make and model, but in black.

And back when I had a job that essential that I put on a tie, I wore skinny vintage ties exclusively. I had to reach deeeeep into my closet to get them, but I located one thing that worked.

In reality, the only factor I had to go out and purchase was the hat. Thanks to the Internet, a black narrow-brim felt fedora is each simple to find and low cost to purchase.

(Incidentally, the Party Retailer is conveniently-located proper there at the mall, correct…but Jake did not wear a hat molded out of thin black plastic. Note effectively.)

So you see what I am getting at, here: never put together a costume that’s &quotsort of&quot right. If (like me) you don’t have the passion to create detailed and gloriously-accurate reproductions of complex and elaborate Star Wars costumes, don’t be ashamed. Choose something straightforward that you can execute nicely. You will look much better and feel far better in it.

Of course, it really is no exciting if you get entirely obsessive. I do not care that I was wearing black footwear rather boots or that the Timex on my wrist was analog and functional rather of digital and broken. I regarded as adding the appropriate tattoos to my left hand, but I wasn’t so committed to the costume that I wanted to put on Sharpie marker ink for the subsequent 3 or four days. Ditto for dyeing my ginger-and-gray sideburns black.

But the brief-sleeved shirt bothered me sufficient that I rejected the photo in this series in which my arms were crossed and my bare wrists had been displaying. I was truly self-conscious about the truth that the tie is in fact two diverse kinds of black threads sewn into a striped pattern…so a lot so that when I was editing this photo, I adjusted the levels in that region of the image to make the shiny threads blend in with the non-shiny ones a small better.

And it’s just a ten-dollar tie. I can afford a ten-dollar tie. I ought to remedy this difficulty.

In case I wear this once again.

I do want to attend Comicon some year, after all…

Buster? What a dilettante. Show me a single scene in the movie or SNL in which Elwood is naked. Pfft. What a farb. But he’s a fine dog in all other respects. Apart from, he’s sick to death of dressing like Pongo (from &quot101 Dalmatians&quot) every year.

He can be forgiven for wanting to mix factors up a little. And in the end, the only rule that actually matters is to have fun.

Incidentally, this photo is also a great demonstration of the newest edition of Adobe Photoshop Elements. The Magic Extractor tool isolated me and Buster from the background with out the need to have for any manual masking. The Selective Colour paintbrush produced it straightforward to repaint the wall.

Oh, and I only have the one hat and the a single pair of sunglasses. I shot two otherwise identical photos and told Elements to replace Buster’s bare head in Photo 1 with his head from Photo 2. Photoshop created a swap automatically, guided by nothing much more than a couple of vague swipes of the mouse. You can see the seam if you look closely if I bothered to commit ten seconds with the Clone tool, I could make that join invisible.

As usual, it’ll take a small whilst just before the Mac edition is updated to match the new Windows edition. But even Components 6 kicks iPhoto’s butt in every way that a buttless entity can be kicked.

Lunch with my hunny
Spider Tattoos

Image by Dave77459
Jamie was good adequate to bring me lunch. Lasagna. As you can inform, I loved it… physically.

Downtown (+diversion)

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Some cool Spider Tattoos photos:

Downtown (+diversion)
Spider Tattoos

Image by Brother O’Mara
A tiny sampling of some folks I’ve observed in the historic center.

The very first eight individuals who so wish may possibly use the note function to give a name or nickname to one particular of the men and women shown here. I’ve carried out the first already.

One particular per customer!

Deciding on to Hang Vigil
Spider Tattoos

Image by Gidge Uriza
Tights: =^^= MIAO Onyx Ribbed Tights (socks)
Manicure:[ PXL ] Manicure – Black
Lashes: Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo two
Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 6
Hair:::Exile:: Untouched:Cashmere
Eyes: AE Mesh Eyes Fawn (L) Big (Free of charge)
Ring: CONCRETE FLOWERS- Plastic Spider Ring
Horns: lassitude &amp ennui – Slightly monstrous horns light / dusk
Boots: lassitude &amp ennui Phoebe lace-up boots black / dark wood
Dress: SYSY’s-GWINdress- M – white
Shape: Gidge ~Savoir Faire Shapes~
Skin: [Matrioska] Domina (Black Lips) Skin
Pose Prop: STATUS – Vigil For Odin – from DEAD COOL HALLOWEEN occasion

Good Spider Tattoos photographs

Saturday, May 25th, 2013

Verify out these Spider Tattoos images:

nikki 2
Spider Tattoos

Image by michaelfly

Spider Tattoos

Image by michaelfly

Collars and Corsets

Saturday, May 18th, 2013

Some cool Spider Tattoos pictures:

Collars and Corsets
Spider Tattoos

Image by kathleenjenney
Model: Sarah Chartrand
Hair, Makeup and Styling: Kathleen Jenney
Photographer: Zach Sheldon

Collars and Corsets
Spider Tattoos

Image by kathleenjenney
Model: Lindsey Hart
Hair, Makeup and Styling: Kathleen Jenney
Photographer: Zach Sheldon

Good Spider Tattoos photos

Saturday, May 18th, 2013

Some cool Spider Tattoos photos:

Collars and Corsets
Spider Tattoos

Image by kathleenjenney
Model: Sarah Chartrand
Hair, Makeup and Styling: Kathleen Jenney
Photographer: Zach Sheldon

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