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sky day 213
Spider Tattoos

Image by maureen_sill
so these days i spent six hours in the emergency room at the hospital
which is amazing due to the fact my dad’s health insurance began Today
excellent timing
what started as waking up to my correct arm getting totally numb and cold
turned out to be a bite from a poisonous spider
which lead to me getting hooked up to an IV for a number of hours to flush the venom out of my program and becoming injected with antivenom and tested for like a billion diseases
none of which i have

and a nurse told me about two guys who came in earlier that day with infected tattoos
she said they utilized the same needle when getting their tattoos
homemade tattoos, she stated
and one particular of the guys was HIV positive
why the fuck did she inform that to me
what the fucking fuck
there should be wordwide mandatory hiv testing
paid for by the collective ceos of the top five richest businesses in america

i am fine now
i have three hospital bracelets which i am satisfied about
all is well and i am not worried
my arm is nonetheless cold and weak but i believe it will be fine
i can really feel it now

thirsty arachnids trying to paralyze me
silly small spider
i ain’t gonna hurt ya, little buddy
calm down tiny guy
spiders need to have to go vegan