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April three, 2008
Star Tattoos

Image by kittischoen
So, I went to Ithaca and got two tattoos…this is one particular of them, my favorite. It’s a star to represent the 5 people of my instant loved ones.

It also itches like a bitch.

SDCC 2011: Swag
Star Tattoos

Image by shine_blitz_on
postcards of Mondo prints, from the Mondo booth (best row and 2nd row left)
entertaining Star Trek lenticular card and trading cards (for a friend)
Dr. Grordbort’s postcard with Team Fortress two code
deviantART short-term tattoos
&quothashtag&quot card advert for In Time (interesting tactic)
Mondo News sticker
Green Lantern, WEINER tattoos, Harry Potter temp tattoo and postcard/bookmark (from buddy)