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Hell Froze Over: Ghost Rider the Movie
Star Tattoos

Image by luxuryluke
I cannot believe they ultimately greenlighted this film.
I am ecstatically overjoyed and hopeful that the movie is all that the trailer makes it out to be. Starring:
• Nicholas Cage (who makeup’d more than his Ghost Rider tattoo for the move)
• Sam Elliot
• Eva Mendez
• …and, wait for it, PETER FONDA (Straightforward Rider) as MEPHISTO!!!!

Ahead of you move a flaming bone, check out the trailers:
two Quicktime Trailers on Apple

A brief trailer from Sony Pictures’ website:
Revealed (quick, but slow loading)
and the IMDB web site about the film:
Ghost Rider

…wow. I am stoked.

leopard vestday
Star Tattoos

Image by Allegory Malaprop
It is Vestday once again! Tattoos are from ~silentsparrow~ (hers with Melody Lee, his at Collabor88 proper now), her hair by Old Gravy (lengthy gone), her necklace by lassitude&ampennui, his skin and eyes by Plastik, shinyass pants/ears/oxford/bracelets/makeup/his hair by Schadenfreude (pants and star eye at Collab), poses by LAP and ZZANG