A few good Star Tattoos pictures I identified:

Jonah Lomu
Star Tattoos

Image by Around the rings1992
Former All Blacks rugby star Jonah Lomu was the largest name lobbying for rugby to join the Olympic system. He has his daughter and wife’s names — Brayley and Nadene — tattooed on his arms.

Acquiring back in touch with myself…
Star Tattoos

Image by ChristophLacroix
Receiving back in touch with myself

For a brief while I became significantly less aware, what with getting myself reestablished and all but, I am in a good spot now and I continue to be grateful.
Now is the time to truly smell the flowers and not just glance at the stars, but stare at them once more…

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andyecastle: these must be such superb dreams.

amosesd: not to be nosey, but what does your tattoo imply? it really is beautiful :)



organicxo: @amosesd no worries I am an open book. It says never really feel insecure due to the fact your heart is pure. But shorter and in Farsi. Really like middle eastern males perhaps it will attract hehe

amosesd: @celebrityx that’s stunning! As a half-middle eastern, half of me is very attracted I enjoy following you also :) thanks for all the likes &lt3 you have an eye for the exciting, I love it :)

organicxo: Thank you! :-* @amosesd

justvegan: Yours as well