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introduction to musical notation – _MG_4172
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Image by sean dreilinger
in the midst of asking how to spell a bunch of random words, nick asked rachel &quothow do you spell music?&quot it took a although to sort out that he was really asking how to write down a melody. when rachel realized this, they opened a book of sheet music and rachel attempted to clarify it to him.

rachel started working full time final week. so nick gets to see his mom throughout a rushed hour of waking up and commuting in the morning. and that’s been it most days. he’s in bed asleep by the time she gets home. tonight, nick mutinied the bedtime edict and came upstairs to hang out when rachel got property. so he sat with her on the couch even though she ate her dinner, exactly where they could catch up on crucial subjects like transformers, counting, the alphabet, and musical notation.

copyright &copy 2007 sean dreilinger

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