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Hanging out at Alice’s Restaurant

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

Some cool Sports Tattoos images:

Hanging out at Alice’s Restaurant
Sports Tattoos

Image by Jill Clardy
Alice’s Restaurant, in the redwood forested hills above Silicon Valley, is a great location for folks watching. The parking lot was jammed on a sunny summer season afternoon with motorcyles, bicycles, SUV’s, sports cars and &quotcolorful characters&quot like this group taking a smoke break. I want I had pulled back a little to get the whole bike in the frame, but this was &quotstealth photography&quot…

Check out the place on the map – you will see why it really is such a location for bikers the winding road thru the forested hills is scenic and exciting to drive. This is where Tesla engineers tested performance of their sports cars.

I knew somewhere in all that shiny chrome I would discover a self portrait – you need to have to go Huge to locate me although !

I consider I need to get some tattoos, a bandana a ,000 Harley, give up the company suits and heels, quit my corporate job and hit the road – do you feel I can stuff the camera bag into the trunk on that bike?

Jack Knight
Sports Tattoos

Image by fengschwing
Ask me who my favourite super-hero is and I’ll inform you ‘Superman!’ in a heart beat.
Ask me who the coolest super-hero is and once more the answer is straightforward and swift Jack Knight, Starman.
Even though the Man of Steel usually has pole position with me, there is no denying just how damn cool Jack Knight was. He had no secret ID, no actual super-powers to speak of (he was great at kung-fu, that was it) no costume either. He collected stuff other men and women thought was junk, he utilized to be a punk, he’d frequently get tattoos and he’d let his hair grow or sometimes sport a goatee and he’s the only hero I know who dissed Batman since he thought he did not have a favourite Woody Allen film.
Jack Knight ladies and gents, he’s damn cool.

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