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Her mind’s created up, she do not want to go steady.

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

Some cool Eye Tattoos pictures:

Her mind’s made up, she do not want to go steady.
Eye Tattoos

Image by Marta Nørgaard

on the floor with each other – rachel and sean – dscf6922
Eye Tattoos

Image by sean dreilinger
on the floor, right after dinner at rachel’s parents’ property
copyright (c) 2003-ten-26 sean dreilinger

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view on the floor collectively – rachel and sean – dscf6922 on a black background.

Globe Created By Hand: James Howard Kunstler

Friday, November 15th, 2013

A handful of good Star Tattoos pictures I found:

Planet Produced By Hand: James Howard Kunstler
Star Tattoos

Image by lissalou66
A post-apocalyptic story of a modest town in upstate New York (Union Grove). I think the story takes location at least twenty years after the &quotbig one&quot. This community of men and women represent about what I would believe may come about with people right after such a disaster. There is the central grouping of folks who are typically excellent folks attempting to live life the best they can off the land and helping their neighbors there is the scavenging group who reside on the outskirts of town who are represented by their tattoos and trailer park mentality and lastly there is the band of those who have discovered Jesus.

This is a pretty easy read and a &quotshort&quot novel just more than 300 pages. I found it to be a great book but some components have been a small farfetched at instances (especially in regards to the religious faction). The one factor I did not like about the book was about ten pages from the finish of the story the author begins wrapping it up in a extremely speedy way. I really thought it could have been another one hundred pages or so and &quotfinished&quot out the story in a better fashion. All things regarded I would recomend just for the insight on what might a single day be our future!

your heart felt great, it was dripping pitch and created of wood

Monday, June 10th, 2013

A few nice Heart Tattoos photos I identified:

your heart felt good, it was dripping pitch and made of wood
Heart Tattoos

Image by borntosnore

Heart Tattoos

Image by superba_
Self portrait. I like the colours.

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