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Fat Eagle

Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

A couple of good Cartoon Tattoos pictures I found:

Fat Eagle
Cartoon Tattoos

Image by
UD3 Graphics, these tees are made to drop jaws. Special Downright Dope Designs.

Cartoon Tattoos

Image by weeklydig

Nice Eagle Tattoos images

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

Some cool Eagle Tattoos images:

Cool Eagle Tattoos photos

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

A few nice Eagle Tattoos pictures I found:

Good Eagle Tattoos photos

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

A few good Eagle Tattoos pictures I found:

2960-1920-3219 – F1000013
Eagle Tattoos

Image by insho
Le Fix Tattoo – Copenhagen – Franz Jäger and Ras. .
Mikkel Vadstrup gets his eagle tattoo coloured by Franz Jäger

Cool Eagle Tattoos images

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

A few nice Eagle Tattoos images I found:

Fake tattoo
Eagle Tattoos

Image by AntonFagerberg
Was bored one night so I "freehanded" a small (fake) tattoo on my arm. The text says Death by Sexy since that was the album I was currently listening to (by The Eagles of Death Metal).

Big Tat
Eagle Tattoos

Image by Matthew Kenwrick
The good old eagle tattoo

Good Eagle Tattoos pictures

Friday, August 23rd, 2013

Verify out these Eagle Tattoos images:

Eagle Tattoos

Image by James L Monckton
United States Air Force McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle at the 2012 Royal International Air Tattoo

IMG_4984 nuthatch on an Eagle Staff

Friday, August 23rd, 2013

A handful of nice Animal Tattoos pictures I discovered:

IMG_4984 nuthatch on an Eagle Staff
Animal Tattoos

Image by IdentityTBD
Every single day is an additional rite of passage or two for me.

At a Two-Spirit &amp LGBT Powwow at the LGBT Center, a particular person walked up to exactly where I was sitting, handed me their Eagle Staff and asked if I’d hold it although they took portion in the ceremony. As they walked away, I noticed that there was a tiny nuthatch carved into the stump of a limb—the same bird I have tattooed on my shoulder and think about a spirit animal. (The individual could not have observed the tat beneath my dress.)

I held it for over an hour with grave objective, fearing I’d break the nuthatch off if I wasn’t cautious. When I handed it back and showed them my tattoo, I thought it was going to be a destiny-altering moment—a first meeting with one more member of the clan of the nuthatch. They have been pleased by the tattoo, but didn’t appear surprised or treat it as anything big. Nonetheless, it feels as if I am moving in harmony with the world, and I like that.

Cool Eagle Tattoos pictures

Sunday, August 11th, 2013

A few nice Eagle Tattoos photos I found:

Eagle Tattoos

Image by NelC

Eagle Tattoos

Image by NelC

Cool Eagle Tattoos photos

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

A handful of good Eagle Tattoos photos I found:

A sign of the times: boiler repair is nonetheless an essential market in NYC
Eagle Tattoos

Image by Ed Yourdon
This photo was taken on West End Avenue, amongst 93rd and 94th St. Note that the truck is up on the sidewalk …

I’ve seen this truck — quite possibly this very same truck — for most of the 40+ years I’ve lived in New York City. But I remember pondering to myself even back in the 80s, &quotWow … what a relic! Boiler repairs? What the heck is a ‘boiler’ anyway? You will not see something like that a couple of years from now …

It turns out that Eagle Boiler Repair has a website (, which says they’ve been in business for &quotover 50 years.&quot Which signifies they went into organization shortly prior to I arrived in the city. But there are other individuals, like New York Boiler Inc. (at that have been around because 1945 … and there are possibly other people that have been around since they very first started installing steam boilers in New York apartment buildings.

All of which suggests that if you come back to this corner 50 years from now, there may possibly still be a &quotboiler repair&quot truck patching factors up so the nice men and women inside can get hot water for their showers….


This set of photos is based on a quite easy concept: stroll every single block of Manhattan with a camera, and see what happens. To stay away from missing something, stroll both sides of the street.

That’s all there is to it …

Of course, if you wanted to be a lot more ambitious, you could also walk the streets of Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx. But that’s far more than I am willing to commit to at this point, and I will leave the remaining boroughs of New York City to other, much more adventurous photographers.

Oh, really, there’s a single more modest detail: leave the photographs alone for a month — unedited, untouched, and unviewed. By the time I actually focus on the 1st of these &quotevery-block&quot photographs, I will have taken a lot more than 8,000 pictures on the nearby streets of the Upper West Side — plus an additional many thousand in Rome, Coney Island, and the a variety of spots in NYC where I traditionally take photographs. So I do not anticipate to be emotionally attached to any of the &quotevery-block&quot images, and hope that I will be able to make an objective selection of the ones worth searching at.

As for the criteria that I’ve employed to select the modest subset of every single-block images that get uploaded to Flickr: there are 3. First, I will upload any photo that I believe is &quotgreat,&quot and where I hope the reaction of my Flickr-friends will be, &quotI have no idea when or where that photo was taken, but it is really a terrific picture!&quot

A second criterion has to do with location, and the third includes time. I’m hoping that I will take some images that clearly say, &quotThis is New York!&quot to any person who appears at it. Naturally, specific landscape icons like the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty would satisfy that criterion but I’m hoping that I will locate other, much more unexpected examples. I hope that I will be capable to take some shots that will make a &quotlocal&quot viewer say, &quotWell, even if that’s not recognizable to a person from yet another element of the country, or another component of the globe, I know that that is New York!&quot And there may possibly be some pictures exactly where a &quotnon-local&quot viewer might say, &quotI had no concept that there was anyplace in New York City that was so fascinating/stunning/ugly/spectacular.&quot

As for the sense of time: I don’t forget wandering about my neighborhood in 2005, photographing various shops, shops, restaurants, and business establishments — and then casually searching at the photographs about 5 years later, and being stunned by how much had changed. Little by small, retailer by store, day by day, items change … and when you have been about as extended as I have, it really is even a lot more incredible to go back and look at the photographs you took thirty or forty years ago, and ask oneself, &quotWas it genuinely like that back then? Seriously, did folks really put on bell-bottom jeans?&quot

So, with the expectation that I will be searching at these every-block photographs five or ten years from now (and possibly you will be, also), I’m going to be undertaking my very best to capture scenes that convey the sense that they had been taken in the year 2013 … or at least sometime in the decade of the 2010’s (I have no idea what we’re calling this decade yet). Or possibly they’ll just say to us, &quotThis is what it was like a dozen years following 9-11&quot.

Movie posters are a trivial example of such a time-particular image I’ve already taken a bunch, and I don’t know if I’ll ultimately decide that they are worth uploading. Women’s fashion/designs are one more clear instance of a time-distinct phenomenon and even even though I am definitely not a fashion professional, I suspected that I’ll be capable to look at some photos ten years from now and mutter to myself, &quotDid we actually wear shirts like that? Did women really put on those weird skirts that are short in the front, and lengthy in the back? Did everybody in New York have a tattoo?&quot

One more example: I’m fascinated by the interactions that folks have with their cellphones out on the street. It appears that absolutely everyone has 1, which undoubtedly wasn’t correct a decade ago and it seems that everybody walks down the street with their eyes and their whole conscious interest riveted on this little box-like gadget, utterly oblivious about something else that may possibly be going on (amongst other issues, that makes it very simple for me to photograph them without their even noticing, specifically if they’ve also got earphones so they can listen to music or carry on a telephone conversation). But I cannot support asking yourself whether this sort of social behavior will appear bizarre a decade from now … specially if our cellphones have become so miniaturized that they’re incorporated into the glasses we wear, or implanted straight into our eyeballs.

Oh, one particular last point: I’ve designed a customized Google Map to show the precise information of every single day’s photo-walk. I’ll be updating it each and every day, and the most current part of my every single-block journey will be marked in red, to differentiate it from all of the older segments of the journey, which will be shown in blue. You can see the map, and peek at it each and every day to see where I’ve been, by clicking on this link

URL link to Ed’s each-block progress by means of Manhattan

If you have any recommendations about places that I must undoubtedly visit to get some great images, or if you’d like me to photograph you in your little corner of New York City, please let me know. You can send me a Flickr-mail message, or you can email me directly at ed-at-yourdon-dot-com

Remain tuned as the photo-walk continues, block by block …

Cool Eagle Tattoos photos

Sunday, July 28th, 2013

Some cool Eagle Tattoos photos:

Eagle Tattoos

Image by Les_Stockton
G e t &nbsp&nbsp P r i n t s

Eagle Tattoos

Image by Ross_Goodman

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