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Monday, February 29th, 2016

A few good Sports Tattoos pictures I located:

Sports Tattoos

Image by Oleg Mirabo
XII St. Petersburg International Tattoo Convention 2014

Cat Eyes

Sunday, August 24th, 2014

Verify out these Animal Tattoos photos:

Cat Eyes
Animal Tattoos

Image by Joe Lares

Welcome to the Zoo
Animal Tattoos

Image by ArdeeSN
A fake marijuana tattoo is etched on the back of the head of a female attendee in Extravaganja,although a rolled-up joint lies on her ear.

My #buddha eyes open when I sleep. #cgjewellery #tattoo #inked #ganesh

Monday, May 26th, 2014

Check out these Buddha Tattoos photos:

My #buddha eyes open when I sleep. #cgjewellery #tattoo #inked #ganesh
Buddha Tattoos

Image by kaysha

the hidden eyes

Sunday, August 18th, 2013

Some cool Eye Tattoos pictures:

the hidden eyes
Eye Tattoos

Image by allesok
cute pattern, dots, stripes, synched actions.. obviously for Bharani

Boston and so forth – view the whole set

setting up laurel’s shot
Eye Tattoos

Image by kara brugman
[shot by pat]

linked on a web site about psychics? I believe?

July 21
Eye Tattoos

Image by cavale
July 21

Thirteen Rules for Dealing with Sociopaths in Everyday Life

The initial rule involves the bitter pill of accepting that some people literally have no conscience, and that these individuals do not frequently appear like Charles Manson or a Ferengi bartender. They appear like us.

In a contest amongst your instincts and what is implied by the part a person has taken on — educator, medical professional, leader, animal-lover, humanist, parent — go with your instincts.

Regardless of whether you want to be or not, you are a constant observer of human behavior, and your unfiltered impressions, although alarming and seemingly outlandish, may possibly effectively aid you out if you will let them. Your greatest self understands, with no becoming told, that impressive and moral-sounding labels do not bestow conscience on anyone who did not have it to commence with.

When considering a new connection of any kind, practice the Rule of Threes regarding the claims and promises a particular person tends to make, and the responsibilities he or she has.

Make the Rule of Threes your personal policy. A single lie, one broken promise, or a single neglected duty could be a misunderstanding alternatively. Two might involve a serious mistake. But three lies says you happen to be dealing with a liar, and deceit is the linchpin of conscienceless behavior. Reduce your losses and get out as soon as you can. Leaving, though it may be challenging, will be less difficult now than later, and significantly less pricey.

Do not give your money, your operate, your secrets, or your affection to a 3-timer. Your beneficial gifts will be wasted.

Question authority.
When again — trust your personal instincts and anxieties, particularly those regarding people who claim that dominating other individuals, violence, war, or some other violation of your conscience is the grand remedy to some problem. Do this even when, or specifically when, absolutely everyone around you has entirely stopped questioning authority. Recite to oneself what Stanley Milgram taught us about obedience. (At least six out of ten men and women will blindly obey a present, official-looking authority to the bitter end.) The excellent news is that getting social help makes men and women somewhat far more likely to challenge authority. Encourage these about you to question, too.

Suspect flattery.
Compliments are lovely, specifically when they are sincere. In contrast, flattery is extreme, and appeals to our egos in unrealistic ways. It is the material of counterfeit charm, and nearly usually includes an intent to manipulate. Manipulation via flattery is at times innocuous and sometimes sinister. Peek over your massaged ego and keep in mind to suspect flattery. This &quotflattery rule&quot applies on an person basis, and also at the level of groups and even entire nations. Throughout all of human history and to the present, the get in touch with to war has incorporated the flattering claim that one’s personal forces are about to accomplish a victory that will change the world for the far better, a triumph that is morally laudable, justified by its humane outcome, distinctive in human endeavor, righteous, and worthy of huge gratitude. Since we started to record the human story, all of our significant wars have been framed in this way, on all sides of the conflict, and in all languages the adjective most often applied to the word war is the word holy. An argument can very easily be created that humanity will have peace when nations of folks are at last in a position to see via this masterful flattery.

If essential, redefine your concept of respect.
Too frequently, we error fear for respect, and the far more fearful we are of a person, the much more we view him or her as deserving of our respect.

I have a spotted Bengal cat who was named Muscle Man by my daughter when she was a toddler, simply because even as a kitten he looked like a expert wrestler. Grown now, he is a lot larger than most other domestic cats. His formidable claws resemble these of his Asian leopard-cat ancestors, but by temperament, he is gentle and peace-loving. My neighbor has a tiny calico who visits. Evidently the calico’s predatory charisma is enormous, and she is brilliant at directing the evil eye at other cats. Anytime she is within fifty feet, Muscle Man, all fifteen pounds of him to her seven, cringes and crouches in worry and feline deference.

Muscle Man is a splendid cat. He is warm and loving, and he is close to my heart. Nonetheless, I would like to believe that some of his reactions are far more primitive than mine. I hope I do not error fear for respect, due to the fact to do so would be to make certain my own victimization. Let us use our large human brains to overpower our animal tendency to bow to predators, so we can disentangle the reflexive confusion of anxiety and awe. In a perfect planet, human respect would be an automatic reaction only to these who are robust, sort, and morally courageous. The person who earnings from frightening you is not likely to be any of these.

The resolve to maintain respect separate from fear is even much more vital for groups and nations. The politician, modest or lofty, who menaces the folks with frequent reminders of the possibility of crime, violence, or terrorism, and who then makes use of their magnified worry to acquire allegiance is a lot more likely to be a profitable con artist than a legitimate leader. This too has been accurate all through human history.

Do not join the game.
Intrigue is a sociopath’s tool. Resist the temptation to compete with a seductive sociopath, to outsmart him, psychoanalyze, or even banter with him. In addition to lowering oneself to his level, you would be distracting your self from what is genuinely essential, which is to safeguard yourself.

The greatest way to safeguard oneself from a sociopath is to avoid him, to refuse any sort of speak to or communication.
Psychologists do not typically like to recommend avoidance, but in this case, I make a very deliberate exception. The only truly successful method for dealing with a sociopath you have identified is to disallow him or her from your life altogether. Sociopaths live totally outdoors of the social contract, and as a result to incorporate them in relationships or other social arrangements is perilous. Commence this exclusion of them in the context of your own relationships and social life. You will not hurt anyone’s feelings. Strange as it seems, and even though they may try to pretend otherwise, sociopaths do not have any such feelings to hurt.
You could by no means be capable to make your loved ones and friends realize why you are avoiding a specific individual. Sociopathy is surprisingly challenging to see, and tougher to clarify. Avoid hi/her anyway.

If total avoidance is impossible, make plans to come as close as you can to the purpose of total avoidance.

Query your tendency to pity as well simply.
Respect should be reserved for the type and the morally courageous. Pity is one more socially useful response, and should be reserved for innocent individuals who are in genuine pain or who have fallen on misfortune. If, as an alternative, you locate oneself frequently pitying someone who regularly hurts you or other folks, and who actively campaigns for your sympathy, the probabilities are close to 1 hundred percent that you are dealing with a sociopath.

Connected to this — I advise that you severely challenge your require to be polite in definitely all situations. For regular adults in our culture, becoming what we feel of as &quotcivilized&quot is like a reflex, and usually we uncover ourselves being automatically decorous even when somebody has enraged us, repeatedly lied to us, or figuratively stabbed us in the back. Sociopaths take enormous benefit of this automatic courtesy in exploitive scenarios.

Do not be afraid to be unsmiling and calmly to the point.

Do not try to redeem the unredeemable.
Second (third, fourth, and fifth) chances are for men and women who possess conscience. If you are dealing with a individual who has no conscience, know how to swallow difficult and cut your losses.

At some point, most of us want to find out the essential if disappointing life lesson that, no matter how good our intentions, we can’t handle the behavior– let alone the character structures– of other people. Understand this reality of human life, and keep away from the irony of acquiring caught up in the same ambition he has– to manage.

If you do not desire handle, but as an alternative want to assist men and women, then aid only these who actually want to be helped. I think you will discover this does not include the person who has no conscience.

The sociopath’s behavior is not your fault, not in any way whatsoever. It is also not your mission. Your mission is your own life.

Never ever agree, out of pity or for any other explanation, to assist a sociopath conceal his or her correct character.

&quotPlease never inform,&quot typically spoken tearfully and with excellent gnashing of teeth, is the trademark plea of thieves, kid abusers– and sociopaths. Do not listen to this siren-song. Other folks deserve to be warned far more than sociopaths deserve to have you hold their secrets.

If someone with out conscience insists that you &quotowe&quot him or her, recall what you are about to read right here– that &quotYou owe me&quot has been the regular line of sociopaths for thousands of years, fairly actually, and is still so. It is what Rasputin told the Empress of Russia. It is what Hannah’s father implied to her, following her eye-opening conversation with him at the prison.

We have a tendency to knowledge &quotYou owe me&quot as a compelling claim, but it is merely not true. Do not listen. Also, ignore the a single that goes, &quotYou are just like me.&quot You are not.

Defend your psyche.
Do not allow somebody without conscience, or even a string of such individuals, to convince you that humanity is a failure. Most human beings do possess conscience. Most human beings are in a position to really like.

Living effectively is the best revenge.

Dave Grohl Has White Eyes

Friday, August 9th, 2013

Some cool Eye Tattoos pictures:

Dave Grohl Has White Eyes
Eye Tattoos

Image by cwgoodroe

hooked both eyes
Eye Tattoos

Image by BillRhodesPhoto

Her Eyes

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Some cool Eye Tattoos pictures:

Her Eyes
Eye Tattoos

Image by *Mr. Story*
There’s usually a lot more posted over right here …

octopus tattoo
Eye Tattoos

Image by kusine
Notes added to give you an idea on positioning.

Blogged here.

Lauren – Vibrant Eyes

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Some cool Woman Tattoos images:

Lauren – Bright Eyes
Woman Tattoos

Image by Benicio Murray
Photoshoot with a fantastic and colourful Goth chick – Lauren Rose. If you want any piercing or tattoo perform carried out, check her out right here:…

Canon 430EX two speedlite two metres behind my proper shoulder on full energy with modest plastic difuser. Complete sunlight behind model. Edited in LR and PS for mood and balance.

Model – Lauren Rose:
Photog – Me :

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