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Image from page 66 of “”The greatest of these–“” (1918)

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

Some cool Flag Tattoos images:

Image from web page 66 of “”The greatest of these–“” (1918)
Flag Tattoos

Image by internetarchivebookimages
Identifier: thegreatestofthe00tayl
Title: &quotThe greatest of these–&quot
Year: 1918 (1910s)
Authors: Taylor, Laurette, 1884-1946
Subjects: Manners, John Hartley, 1870-1928 Actors
Publisher: New York, George H. Doran Firm

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Text Appearing Prior to Image:
fterwards we went to a celebration offered by theCliff Dwellers, then on to one offered by the man-ager of the Stratford Hotel for Helen Ware. On Saturday, at the matinee we took ,978, theprogramme fetching ,200. And in the eveningwe had a ,062 residence and the programmebrought in ,000, making the total receipts forthe week for the Red Cross 9,000. On Saturday night the Press Club gave a supperto George M. Cohan, and Frank Tinney told afunny story. It was not really modest and I dontknow how it will appear in script but, as he told it,it seemed the prattling of a round-faced babe.Right here it is! A sailor had the French flag tattooed on hisleft arm, the British flag on his appropriate arm, and theAmerican flag on his chest. Another sailor mentioned,My! How patriotic you are to have the Frenchflag on your left arm, the British flag on your rightarm, and the American flag on your chest! Andhe mentioned, Oh, my! That aint nothin! Im sittnVon the Kaiser and Hindenburg. Hartley made a speech urging Cohan to write

Text Appearing After Image:
GEORGE MACFARLANE THE GREATEST OF THESE 41 the great American play of the future, MadameCisneros urged him to write the wonderful Americanopera of the future, and Cohan mentioned he would dothose two small things that evening! A single man saidto me, Future? Crackers! Whats the matterwith you? Little Georgie has his future! This sort of admirer is in Class C (anything thematter with them, apt to be a hindrance to thearmy at a vital moment). Any time one hasno future it is time to ask for a pension. EvenBernhardt (aged 72) prepares a future by produc-ing a poet grand-daughter to preserve her memorygreen on earth when she is vibrating the heavenswith her extolling of the Lord! A single should see by way of the molasses of flatteryand acquire oneself a hair shirt. If life becomes tooslippery 1 slides to the bottom. To slide up-ward would be against the law of factors. Onemust climb, and climbing implies effort, and effortmeans something not straightforward to you. My hair shirtwas a fling at Shakespeare. Im going to attempt thesam

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Greatest Tattoo & Piercing Contests

Saturday, July 20th, 2013

Some cool Eagle Tattoos images:

Very best Tattoo & Piercing Contests
Eagle Tattoos

Image by Bears of Toronto
Louis, second location – Very best piercing

Bears of Toronto/Black Eagle 2011

Sarah undertaking her impression of a hood ornament. It is either that or the scene in Titanic at the front of the ship. Either way, she’s carrying out her majestic posing greatest!

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

Some cool Sun Tattoos pictures:

Sarah undertaking her impression of a hood ornament. It is either that or the scene in Titanic at the front of the ship. Either way, she’s carrying out her majestic posing very best!
Sun Tattoos

Image by colorblindPICASO
Shot in the backyard while the dogs searched for Easter greenies in the grass.

Sun Tattoos

Image by eastcoastpaperboy
Syracuse, NY – Polaroid Sun 660

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