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Residence sweet house –

Saturday, January 9th, 2016

A couple of nice Fire Tattoos pictures I discovered:

House sweet house –
Fire Tattoos

Image by antefixus21
Copper Masonic lantern door with lodge space piercings.…

Seven points of Indented Skirting at the bottom, every single produced using two lengthy slits and one modest punched hole, represent the 1st 100 years of the lodge. The seven points at the leading represent the next 100 years. From the outdoors point there are 5 holes beside 3 holes and then 3 single holes.

On either side are columns which are joined at the best with a Keystone. The columns are separated into three sections. The bottom is made with three holes, the second is produced with 5 holes and the third best section is produced with seven holes.

Below the Keystone is the Eye of God with a huge hole in the centre surrounded by eight smaller sized holes, which total nine holes. There are seven long slits more than the eye and five underneath. Beneath the Keystone are three holes.

Inside the letter ‘G’ are three sets of seven small holes.

There are 3 vertical lines produced with two extended slits to represent 3 candles with a single punched hole to represent the flame of the candle.

To their correct is a vertical line produced from 4 extended slits to represent a wand in its post hole. There are 7 modest holes which connect th the top of the wand representing a ray of light.
Above that is a ray of light produced with five holes. There are five mirrored holes on the other side representing one more ray of light.

In the centre are tho slits with one small hole to represent a Masonic kneeling stool. Above that are three horizontal slits to represent the top of the Masonic Altar. Above that is one particular modest hole between two horizontal slits to represent the Volume of the Sacred Law.

The entire image is designed with repetitive punches of three, five, 7 and 9 which are considerable in Masonry. The major image is comprised employing one hundred strikes, each one to represent one particular year of the lodge’s existence.

Barn lanterns had been typically hung in the 4 corners of a barn to let farmers to perform safely with no worry of burning down a wooden building filled with straw and other combustibles. The cuts point outwards so no wind, even a very powerful wind could not blow out the flame. If a lantern is dropped, the interior stress produced snuffs the candle flame. In Ontario in the 1800’s there was a law which only allowed these kinds of lanterns to be utilized. Lanterns with glass sides shattered reasonably simply which meant a a lot higher fire hazard.

When walking on paths and across fields it was colon for farmers and their family members to carry a single of these lanterns, not to guide their way simply because they did not create adequate illumination, but to enable other family members and buddies to watch their progress fron afar to make sure their security.

The cone on the top of the lantern has an additional interesting set of piercings which I designed to honour Masonic tradition and to release the heat from the candle. Beeswax candles operate best. Contemporary paraffin candles sag and melt rapidly simply because if the interior create up of heat.

The copper utilised to make this and it really is twin lantern is of such great top quality that it will oxidize but it will not turn green like the copper used on church roofs.

The only wood that the copper, tin or bronze can be used as as base when striking is difficult maple. Piercing is a actual art requiring a lot practice. It really is fairly east to strike this copper also challenging which would result in an unrepairable tear in the copper. The image to be cut and pierced have to be etched in mirror image.

I was lucky sufficient that Master Tinsmith, John Maguire and his seven year apprentice had been able to complete these projects before they left Black Creek Pioneer Village. John discovered his trade as a young man in England. His function was prime secret as he worked in production, below intense time pressure, re skinning the bodies of the WW II bombers which had been shot up.

Inside the lantern was soldered a copper Canadian penny of the year that the lodge celebrated its 109th. Birthday as nicely as an American penny in which an individual had impressed a Square and Compasses.

Ontario Fire Marshalls have approved these lanterns as safe, even in old Masonic Temples. This lantern was inspired by an old Masonic barn lantern at Heritage Lodge No. 730 which is above the Tinsmith Shop at Black Creek Poineer Village in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

A individual could actually have this pattern branded making use of a single of these hot lanterns if it were to be pressed on a person’s back. Of course it would be a mirror image. It would be intriguing to see if the desifpgn could be impressed into a sheet of paper or even transferred employing pastels. On the other side of the lantern is the logo of University Masonic Lodge No. 496 in Toronto. A tattoo would be painful enough.


Saturday, July 19th, 2014

Verify out these Butterfly Tattoos photos:

Butterfly Tattoos

Image by Jim Carson

The weather is acquiring undesirable, time to fly back house… :-)

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

Check out these Polynesian Tattoos pictures:

The weather is acquiring bad, time to fly back property… :-)
Polynesian Tattoos

Image by Shark Attacks

Japanese House Philadelphia

Friday, June 7th, 2013

Some cool Japanese Tattoos pictures:

Japanese Residence Philadelphia
Japanese Tattoos

Image by bikesandwich
Photo by Damon.

Oh positive… Sarah gets appears for going barefoot in public but someone let that woman out of the house wearing those red footwear? Is there any justice in this planet?!?

Sunday, May 26th, 2013

Check out these Cross Tattoos images:

Oh certain… Sarah gets looks for going barefoot in public but somebody let that lady out of the house wearing those red footwear? Is there any justice in this globe?!?
Cross Tattoos

Image by colorblindPICASO
An additional bag of tricks shot, a bit of tonal mapping, some fisheye removal, and a bit of sarcasm for the title. Truly, my workflow formula to a T.

“Stand Behind Line”
Cross Tattoos

Image by colorblindPICASO
Any closer and all you geeks will get a opportunity to poorly reenact the train station fight scene from the first Matrix film.

Although some of these guys can genuinely book it when a uncommon collectible is on the line, I somehow doubt they would come out of that scene fairly as nicely as Neo did.

Sarah did not truly want anything at this booth, she just finds herself mysteriously drawn to Autobot logos.
Cross Tattoos

Image by colorblindPICASO
You can envision how significantly a lot more swiftly we will be in a position to negotiate the exhibition hall if Hasbro pulls back on the merchandising a bit. Of course truly…. what’s the point of going to comic con if you can not load down your Sherpa with recently purchased Transformers loot?

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