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Image from web page 374 of “Birds that hunt and are hunted: life histories of a single hundred and seventy birds of prey, game birds and water-fowls” (1904)

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

A few nice Wings Tattoos images I located:

Image from web page 374 of “Birds that hunt and are hunted: life histories of a single hundred and seventy birds of prey, game birds and water-fowls” (1904)
Wings Tattoos

Image by World wide web Archive Book Images
Identifier: cu31924090299755
Title: Birds that hunt and are hunted: life histories of 1 hundred and seventy birds of prey, game birds and water-fowls
Year: 1904 (1900s)
Authors: Blanchan, Neltje
Subjects: Birds
Publisher: New York, Doubleday, Page &amp business

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Text Appearing Ahead of Image:
is head,distends the sacs on either side of his neck that appear like orangesfastened there, ruffles up his feathers to seem twice his naturalsize, erects and spreads his tail, droops his wings, and, rushingacross the arena, takes the floor. Now the ball is opened in-deed. Out rush other dancers, stamping the ground difficult astheir feet beat a fast tattoo the air escaping from their brightsacs making a sort of bubbling crow, quite different from thedeep organ tone of the pinnated grouse the rustling of thevibrating wings and tail furnishing added music. Now all joinin at 1st there is dignified decorum, but the fun grows fastand furious, then nonetheless quicker and nonetheless much more furious the crazybirds twist and twirl, stamp and leap over each other in theirfrenzy, each moment producing a lot more noise, until their energyfinally spent, they calm down into sane creatures once again. Theymove quietly about more than the nicely worn space (a chickensstamping ground, measuring from fifty to 1 hundred feet 282

Text Appearing Soon after Image:
Bob Whites, Grouse, etc. across, according to Mr. Ernest Seton Thompson), when, withoutwarning, some male has a fresh seizure that quickly starts anothersaturnalia. The whole functionality reminds a single so stronglyof a Cree dance, says Mr. Thompson, as to suggest thepossibility of its getting the prototype of the Indian workout. . . .The dancing is indulged in at any time of the morning or even-ing in Could, but it is generally at its height before sunrise. Itserotic character can hardly be questioned, but I can not fix itsplace or worth in the nuptial ceremonies. The reality that I haveseveral occasions noticed the birds join for a brief set to in the latefall merely emphasizes its parallelism to the drumming and strut-ting of the ruffed grouse as effectively as the singing of modest birds. After pairing, the male, in the usual selfish style of histribe, enables his mate to seek some spot of concealment, scratchout an excavation screened by grasses, and attend to all nurs-ery duties, even though he joins a club of

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