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IMG_4984 nuthatch on an Eagle Staff

Friday, August 23rd, 2013

A handful of nice Animal Tattoos pictures I discovered:

IMG_4984 nuthatch on an Eagle Staff
Animal Tattoos

Image by IdentityTBD
Every single day is an additional rite of passage or two for me.

At a Two-Spirit &amp LGBT Powwow at the LGBT Center, a particular person walked up to exactly where I was sitting, handed me their Eagle Staff and asked if I’d hold it although they took portion in the ceremony. As they walked away, I noticed that there was a tiny nuthatch carved into the stump of a limb—the same bird I have tattooed on my shoulder and think about a spirit animal. (The individual could not have observed the tat beneath my dress.)

I held it for over an hour with grave objective, fearing I’d break the nuthatch off if I wasn’t cautious. When I handed it back and showed them my tattoo, I thought it was going to be a destiny-altering moment—a first meeting with one more member of the clan of the nuthatch. They have been pleased by the tattoo, but didn’t appear surprised or treat it as anything big. Nonetheless, it feels as if I am moving in harmony with the world, and I like that.

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