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Lil Kalie

Sunday, July 7th, 2013

A handful of nice Sports Tattoos photos I located:

Lil Kalie
Sports Tattoos

Image by greenkozi
It is been a minute since I’ve accomplished either a Thursday Stroll or 1 of my one hundred Strangers, so I was really excited to get out and shoot right now, and even far more excited that I had the nerve to speak to this guy I constantly see at the Macarthur Bart station. He often has this super nicely behaved pit bull, but these days she wasn’t there. Apparently some chick who also always sees the pit bull is taking care of the dog, since the guy, Rick, is going to get off the streets and requirements the dog to be in a steady spot. So I’m talking to him about the dog and Kid Kalie comes up sporting this brand new tattoo on his neck and we all commence talking, since that is one painful spot to get a tattoo. Kid Kalie was entirely cool with me taking his picture. In fact, he wanted my number so I could be his Individual Photographer! He is an artist- rap and electronic- and he desires a photographer. He also said it was cool if I shoot his buddy who did the tattoos. Very excited about that.

This picture is #32 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see images taken by other photographers at

They All Fall Down
Sports Tattoos

Image by allkindsofdifferent
ROLLER DERBY featuring &quotThey All Fall Down&quot by THE CREEPSHOW
Lace up those retro roller skates, get some tattoos, turn up the attitude and get out on the floor! Emma Piche spent time with members of various women’s roller derby teams and, unfortunately, the audio was so poor we couldn’t use any of the interviews.

Alternatively, we believed we’d place with each other a montage of hits, falls and runs. We received permission from The Creepshow to use their song &quotThey All Fall Down&quot featuring the voice of YouTube sensation Sarah Blackwood (also of Stroll Off The Earth). page/roller-derby-featuring-they-al…

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