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the endless night of the living soul : liquid painting, scott richard, san francisco (2015)

Sunday, November 1st, 2015

A few good Sun Tattoos photos I discovered:

the endless night of the living soul : liquid painting, scott richard, san francisco (2015)
Sun Tattoos

Image by torbakhopper

The Night Has Teeth by Kat Kruger

Friday, July 26th, 2013

Some cool Wolf Tattoos images:

The Evening Has Teeth by Kat Kruger
Wolf Tattoos

Image by FierceInkPress
Publication date: September 23, 2012

There’s a darkness that lurks in the City of Light

“The evening has teeth. The night has claws, and I have found them.” — Eyewitness account of the Wolf of Magdeburg, 1819

Seventeen-year-old Connor Lewis is chased by a memory. On his first day of kindergarten he bit a boy challenging sufficient to scar the kid for life. Because then he’s been a social outcast at a New York private college.

By way of an unexpected turn of very good fortune, he lands a scholarship to study in Paris, exactly where every thing begins to look up. On the initial day he befriends two military brats, and he may possibly ultimately get a taste of what it is like to be a typical teenager.

It doesn’t final.

His host family — an alluring young tattoo artist and her moody, handsome boyfriend — inadvertently introduce him to the underworld of werewolves exactly where there are two sorts: the born and the bitten. These born to it take the form of sophisticated wolves, even though the latter are cursed to transform into the half-man, half-beast creatures of horror motion pictures. The bitten rarely survive. Unfortunately, Connor is on the wanted list of a four hundred-year-old bitten human who’s browsing for both a remedy and a means of wiping out werewolves for excellent.

Connor’s loyalties are tested as he becomes embroiled in a conflict exactly where werewolves, mad science and teen angst collide.

Black, white and blue (LOTD)
Wolf Tattoos

Image by Akilah Khalim
[Hair] &quotLeLutka&quot SAMARA 2. hair – SLURL
[Skin] &quotthe physique co.&quot Hunter – SLURL
[Tattoo] &quotGOK&quot Tattoo Japan Lights – SLURL
[Face piercing] &quotPekka&quot Splint Piercing UNISEX – SLURL

[Shirt] &quotMr.Poet&quot – Off shoulder shirt Black – SLURL
[Tank ] &quotWMD&quot Wolf Tank Black – (Retailer is gone idk what happened)
[Pants] &quotNV&quot Hipster Jeans – SLURL

[Belt] &quotMANDALA&quot Mikoto Belt – SLURL
[Gloves] &quotSiniStyle&quot Taped Fist – SLURL
[Necklace] &quotYV&quot – HUGO NECKLACE – SLURL

[Pose] &quotSTAKEY&quot – Quiet Self-confidence SLURL

Did a twofer on this guy final night. Sat like a champ! #standard #tattoo

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

Verify out these Traditional Tattoos photos:

Did a twofer on this guy final evening. Sat like a champ! #standard #tattoo
Traditional Tattoos

Image by brokenarttattoo

Camping tattoo
Traditional Tattoos

Image by Amber Karnes
New one particular! Had this idea for a whilst, ultimately got it done. This one particular actually is far better in individual. Love the little campfire and stars above. By Daryl Rodriguez, Hold it Down, Richmond, Va.

Monday Night

Monday, April 29th, 2013

Check out these Mask Tattoos images:

Monday Evening
Mask Tattoos

Image by Capt. Tim
Sometimes all you have is some booze a sheep mask, a tripod, and a camera. You ask your self, What can i do with all of this shit?

The Effortless Life
Mask Tattoos

Image by Jupiter Firelyte
The Simple Life lounger set: Second Spaces for Spruce Up Your Space
PJs: Aqua – Dream Effortless in Red
Nail polish: Vextra Messing Supershine Nail Polish &amp Toe Nail Polish (Red/Vixen)
Skin: Pink Fuel Skye – Pure (dkbrow)
Cucumber mask on tattoo layer, mine
Hair: Joy – brown by Sheltered Heart
Eyes: Mynerva for the Geekgasm Hunt
Pose: Olive Juice for Super Bargain Saturday
Viewer: Phoenix

Torn Chest
Mask Tattoos

Image by Code Arachnid
Model: Deanna

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