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An Outdoors Line

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Some cool Animal Tattoos pictures:

An Outdoors Line
Animal Tattoos

Image by Thomas Hawk

that’s a tattoo! 1 line operating rings about the nipple
Animal Tattoos

Image by thefuturistics
or a straight line

Pirate outdoors Terry’s Barber Shop

Friday, June 28th, 2013

Some cool Pirate Tattoos pictures:

Pirate outside Terry’s Barber Shop
Pirate Tattoos

Image by gusset
This is Pirate and his bike, sat outside Terry’s Barber Shop on Filton Ave. Tattoo and physique piercing now also obtainable.

Killer Catfish
Pirate Tattoos

Image by Jared Kelly
Santa shows off his new ‘tattoo’ commemorating a freshly spun pirate’s tale about killer catfish with machine guns and poisonous barbs. Artwork courtesy Kristin Hembree.

Door Outdoors

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

Check out these Cross Tattoos photos:

Door Outside
Cross Tattoos

Image by Editor B
October, 2004:

One particular of our exterior doors fell apart earlier this year. It had been deteriorating for a whilst, and lastly I dismantled it. Luckily it doesn’t open straight into our residence, only into a small enclosed porch on the reduced level. We don’t completely require a door there, but it would be nice.

I didn’t want to bother with it myself — figured I’d just botch it. So I had a couple of various individuals look at it, but no a single followed up on the job, and so it didn’t get accomplished.

Then Xy started speaking to our neighbor, Dan, who lives just around the corner. He said he’d do it cheap.

So a single evening, aboout 4 weeks ago, Dan shows up with a door on a grocery cart. It is not fairly the appropriate size, but that is OK. He’ll cut it to fit. It does not have a window at Xy’s height, but that’s OK too. He’ll reduce a hole in it and set up a window.

One more guy from about the corner, Bob, showed up to lend a hand. Image the three of us — an older black guy, a white dude with lengthy hair and lots of tattoos, and myself — sawing a door on leading of a grocery cart by the light of a street lamp. Comical, really.

I measured the frame twice but nevertheless they cut the door as well narrow. A diamond-shaped pane of glass from the old door was utilised for the new window, but for some purpose, I thought Dan would make a diamond-shaped hole for it. Silly me.

(The possibility has occurred to me, based on observed behavior, that Bob may be a high-functioning heroin addict. This suspicion was not allayed by the fact that, when I paid Dan for his work, Bob asked him for his share saying, “I want to buy some — uh — meals.”)

We hung the door that evening, but it took Dan a week or two to finish the job. At least I consider he’s completed. You be the judge.

She knew what she wanted
Cross Tattoos

Image by Studio SSAMO
Taken at a spark of the moment simply because i loved the tattoo so significantly, basic but powerful.

Model: Zanesha Pierce
Tools: Nikon D90 + PS CS3

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