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My #koi #tattoo on my upper proper arm! :) oldie but a #goodie!.. #koitattoo

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

Some cool Koi Tattoos photos:

My #koi #tattoo on my upper appropriate arm! :) oldie but a #goodie!.. #koitattoo
Koi Tattoos

Image by MickosT

Koi sleeve tattoo
Koi Tattoos

Image by gingerbeardman

Proper TO BARE ARMS IS Here TO Keep…

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

Some cool Dragon Tattoos images:

Proper TO BARE ARMS IS Right here TO Remain…
Dragon Tattoos

Image by roberthuffstutter

Dragon Tattoos

Image by Zu Dragon
I left this at Tattooed Mom for somebody to take house.

Nowadays I met this Dragon Koi tattoo.
Dragon Tattoos

Image by Duncan Creamer

Proper Sleeve Progress 1

Sunday, July 7th, 2013

Some cool Phoenix Tattoos pictures:

Correct Sleeve Progress 1
Phoenix Tattoos

Image by liquidnight
My arm has just about finished healing following my final session two weeks ago. It’s still extremely much a function in progress, but adequate has been accomplished that I feel it’s worth finally sharing a handful of pictures. We’re three sessions in [roughly 16 hours, I think] with at least two a lot more to go. The remaining black operate will be completed for the duration of my subsequent sitting [in a couple weeks] and then the entertaining with colour begins as nicely. I am really pleased with it so far. As soon as once again Tracy Tracy proves himself to be a masterful artist and I can’t truly envision going to any individual else.

It’s all the energy of hindsight and so on, but I *nearly* regret obtaining some of my earlier work carried out by other folks, due to the fact I know Tracy would’ve accomplished it much better. Ah properly. It is a silly train of believed, but there you are.

Phoenix Tattoos

Image by phxcc

Drop-Waist A-Line
Phoenix Tattoos

Image by kellyhogaboom
Phoenix chose the Alexander Henry Tattoo fabric for pockets. I have made so many factors utilizing the original yardage I purchased about eight years ago!

Moving proper along.

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013

Some cool Cat Tattoos photos:

Moving correct along.
Cat Tattoos

Image by sprunka

Tattoo – Proper Arm

Sunday, January 27th, 2013

Some cool Symbol Tattoos pictures:

Tattoo – Right Arm
Symbol Tattoos

Image by scalpel3000
I went in today and got my 1st tattoo. In fact, I got two. This is my proper arm.

This one particular comes with a story. The center mustache/wheels is a replica of a tattoo I picked up during the 2009 Beard &amp Mustache Dash. The original washed off (really), so I had it redone nowadays, a tiny bigger. I had to ask the tattoo artist to make confident the middle symbol looked &quotreally sketchy, like it was carried out with a sewing needle and a Bic pen&quot (just like the original). Well, he did indeed make the middle symbol sketchy, and the lettering nice and precise. It came out specifically like I visualized it.

Both tattoos we accomplished by Clark Kent at Slave to the Needle in Ballard. He’s a pro at performing old-school style tattoos (IE: sailor tattoos, etc.), and I asked him to make these appear as old-school as attainable. He absolutely came via, and I am really content with both!

Tattoo #three
Symbol Tattoos

Image by Pete Prodoehl
Tattoo #three is a 2, or a II, or a Gemini symbol… Inked by Brian Jansen of Capitol City Tattoo in Madison, Wisconsin…

Several adinkra symbols
Symbol Tattoos

Image by macgenie
Clockwise from top: Adinkrahene (leadership), Ese Ne Tekrema (interdependence), Nysapo (wisdom), Dwennimen (strength), Akoma Ntoso (agreement), Osram Ne Nsoromma (love) center: Akoma (love)

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