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no tatoo, no drunk , no shoes permitted :super sento

Monday, August 5th, 2013

Some cool Symbol Tattoos images:

no tatoo, no drunk , no shoes permitted :super sento
Symbol Tattoos

Image by cava_cavien
@ entrance of 銭湯 read : sentou(public bath)

they by no means allow those guests who is drunk, acquired tatto.
now i’m considering why?????
・drunk: fear of falling on the floor
・tatto :worry of battle of Yakuza(The manager is convinced that the tattoo is a symbol of yakuza? )

…anyway the manager desires to avoid any troubles, i guess.
how do you consider about ?

And action…
Symbol Tattoos

Image by Skyrider Films
Marc (Stanley King) and Tim (Nick Hyland) speak about tattoos. Are they attractive symbols of a man’s pride and masculinity or just the desperate attempt of flamboyant gays to appear like true males? – Are tattoos hot and attractive or just a big turn off? Watch Coffee Speak Ep. 1 on Vimeo:

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