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SSE12 Sunday: Saber-Tooth Jim

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Verify out these Tiger Tattoos pictures:

SSE12 Sunday: Saber-Tooth Jim
Tiger Tattoos

Image by Diamond Geyser
(C) Isabelle Adam

Preferred OSX App: Linotype’s FontExplorer X
Tiger Tattoos

Image by luxuryluke
This software has saved designkind from it is own innevitable font-connected self-implosion.
If you don’t have it. Get it. Discard all other font programs (nicely, most of them).

Ask around, we’ve been quietly, grinningly testing it for Linotype for some months now. I haven’t heard a complaint yet, even in a production environment. (thanks once a lot more to Jon Hicks for this one!).

Oh, and btw, it is Free of charge.
Oh, and we just watched Mr. &amp Mrs. Smith last night. sorry. I can not keep in mind exactly where I got this photo. If you took it and or photochopped it, let me know. I will credit you or take it down.
Oh, and btw, I only function her on here nowadays, just due to the fact she has turned out to be fairly an extraordinary woman, not to mention hot.

Homeward Bound
Tiger Tattoos

Image by Vineet Radhakrishnan
Silhouette shot of a Kashmiri nearby rowing his way back from the floating makret – taken at the Dal lake late in the evening during a Shikara ride. Shot on manual with spot metering.

Far more pics at:

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