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Lew Gorman, USFWS Endangered Species, at Girl Scout Day

Monday, September 8th, 2014

Some cool Animal Tattoos photos:

Lew Gorman, USFWS Endangered Species, at Girl Scout Day
Animal Tattoos

Image by USFWS Fisheries
Endangered Species’ Lew Gorman. The Endangered Species station supplied a hands-on activity that involved a game to guess the Endangered Species (ES). Participants learned that some species are Federally listed under the Endangered Species Act, why species grow to be listed, what can be completed to support endangered species. Participants picked a prize (e.g., pencil, pen, tattoo/magnet/bookmark of an endangered species). Guests to the ES station were also able to really feel actual animals or their hides, e.g., python, sea turtle, bobcat. Senior Girl Scouts have been provided an chance to run the activity at this station, find out far more about ES, and discover all-natural science-primarily based careers. The station was backed by an 8×10′ show highlighting ES.
USFWS Photo.

silver chains : dore alley, san francisco (2014)
Animal Tattoos

Image by torbakhopper

very first let’s begin with a google search cuz yahoo searches are so esoteric and render as well a lot of meaningless results…

&quotCalifornia continues to lead the U.S. in quantity of milk cows and overall milk production.
According to data released by the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service Feb. 21, California milk producers had just below 1.eight million head of dairy cattle as of January 2014, with total production of 3,624 million pounds, up four.7 % from a year earlier.&quot

now onto actual data about these cows that are becoming used to make milk for individuals outside of California — as properly as for California. but only Californians are paying for the enhanced cost of water. men and women outside might also have to pay far more, but they are paying for MILK.

&quotTypically a bovine will consume 7 to 10% of its physique weight in water per day. In contrast, is common expertise is that a cow (generally a lactating dairy cow) will drink about 25 to 50 gallons (95 to 190 litres) of water per day. Nevertheless, these numbers only account for lactating dairy cows, not all cattle in common. Percentages are a lot safer to use than actual volumetric measurements, due to many factors that control the quantity of water cattle will drink per day. These elements consist of: Age WeightTime of year/seasonType of feedSalinity and moisture level of feed or fodder Reproductive stage, esp. with cows and heifers, which means regardless of whether they are lactating or not, or in heat or not Sort of cattle, getting beef or dairyDaytime air temperature and humidity levelStress levelHealth status Lactating cows tend to drink three% much more in body weight per day than other sorts of cattle that are non-lactating nor ever lactate. Bulls might drink a little much more and calves and younger animals have a tendency to drink less, considering that the larger the bovine the more water it will consume. Lactating cows need to have to consume much more water due to the fact of the liquids their physique is using to make milk. This is the opposite for a dry-open or dry-bred cow. Also, since dairy cows have a tendency to make twice as a lot milk as beef or variety cows do, dairy cows have a tendency to drink a lot more water on average than a common beef cow would. So a 1000 lb lactating beef cow could drink about 15 to 20 gallons per day, whereas a 1000 lb lactating dairy cow may drink around 30 to 40 gallons a day. If a particular feed is greater in salt content than yet another, a bovine will drink more water to counteract the quantity of salt that is discovered in the feed. Dry feed will also influence water intake, because a lot of water in a bovine’s system will be utilised to digest such a feed, and as a result that bovine will require to consume a lot more water. If a bovine is fed feed that is moist or eats grass that is wet from dew or rain, water consumption will reduce. Air temperature also controls how considerably a bovine will drink. Hot days make cattle lose water a lot more readily and very easily than on colder days, encouraging cattle to drink a lot more water on hot days than on cold days. Humidity will also contribute to water consumption higher humidity levels make cattle drink more than low humidity levels. Pressure levels are also a factor. Cattle that have been herded or harried, or have been topic to higher pressure will loose much more water and as a result drink much more water than cattle that have low pressure levels, or have not been worked or harried. Tension is often accompanied with the overall health status of an animal. An animal that is in a stressful atmosphere tends to have a lowered immune technique and liable to get sick. Really sick animals have a tendency to not drink water as much as healthful animals, or in some instances, drink way far more water than what is needed. But ultimately, it really is greatest to say that cattle tend to drink among 7% and 10% of their physique weight in water per day. &quot

the total number of cows, supposedly, in the California is around 5.25 million.

but here’s the deception. these data points ONLY include sterile information. they do not account for the millions and millions of gallons of water that Are not utilized by the cattle but are nevertheless wasted in the industry.

also, these stats do not include or speak about the ground water poisoning that is happening as a outcome of these cattle and the drugs that are becoming utilised on them.

these are what I like to contact &quotmade up facts&quot. they act like the way cattle get watered is at a line in McDonalds and it merely is not. that is just the beginning of the actual waste that can be particularly accounted for in the smallest measure.

we aren’t stupid. we know that to make a chocolate cake you’re gonna almost certainly have to drive someplace. it you never account for the driving and collecting of ingredients into your spending budget, you are going to be poor before you know it as a result of miscalculating the true expense/expense of chocolate cake.

so subsequent time you hear an individual telling you about the drought, just tell them that you have cut back on your cow product intake and that the fking cow pimps can spend the further tax tariff.

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