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Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

A few good Dog Tattoos images I discovered:

Martha’s Vineyard
Dog Tattoos

Image by dr. huxtable

Image from page 244 of “The history of mankind” (1896)
Dog Tattoos

Image by Net Archive Book Photos
Identifier: historyofmankind01ratz
Title: The history of mankind
Year: 1896 (1890s)
Authors: Ratzel, Friedrich, 1844-1904 Butler, Arthur John, 1844-1910
Subjects: Ethnology Anthropology
Publisher: London, Macmillan and co., ltd. New York, The Macmillan co.
Contributing Library: Wellesley College Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Wellesley College Library

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Text Appearing Just before Image:
luxury of Samoan lady with hair dressed higher. clothes acquires a symbolical significance. The war-clothing there consist of 3 poncho-like garments put onone more than one more : the undermost a long white one particular, over that a red, and outsideall a brief brown 1. A dense envelopment of the complete physique in as manycloths as feasible stands for a sign of a peaceful reception. In the time ofCook and Forster the Tahitian dancing-girls wore a piece of brown stuff closelywrapped round the breast. About the hips was a pad of four layers of cloth,1 upon one more, alternately red and white, bound close with a cord whence amass of white cloth hung to the feet. The dress of the New Zealanders consistedof skirt and mats these have been fastened on the appropriate shoulder in men, on the leftin women, the men wearing in addition a flax belt from which hung the mere andbattle-axe. Head and feet remained as a rule uncovered, though some tribeson the middle island had flax sandals. What the axe of greenstone is as a

Text Appearing Right after Image:
(From the Godeffroy Album. THE HISTORY OF MANKIND production of male sector, the mat is in the case of the females. From flaxalone they prepared twelve diverse mats. Apart from this, rugs had been produced of, ortrimmed with, the skins of dogs and birds. The only distinction of rank, otherthan tattooing, was shown by the mats. Every single tribe had at 1 time some

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Please note that these photos are extracted from scanned web page images that could have been digitally enhanced for readability – coloration and appearance of these illustrations could not completely resemble the original work.

Martha’s Vineyard

Monday, January 26th, 2015

A couple of good Dog Tattoos images I found:

Martha’s Vineyard
Dog Tattoos

Image by dr. huxtable

Not every person pays attention to the spring flowers in NYC
Dog Tattoos

Image by Ed Yourdon
This photo was taken on 20th Street, in between 9th and 10th Avenue.

Maybe the guy on the proper was attempting to break into the Jeep. Perhaps one of his dogs just peed on his foot.

I truly do not know … I just point my camera and take the photographs.


This set of photos is primarily based on a extremely straightforward notion: stroll each and every block of Manhattan with a camera, and see what happens. To stay away from missing anything, walk each sides of the street.

That is all there is to it …

Of course, if you wanted to be far more ambitious, you could also stroll the streets of Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx. But that’s more than I am prepared to commit to at this point, and I will leave the remaining boroughs of New York City to other, more adventurous photographers.

Oh, in fact, there’s one much more little detail: leave the pictures alone for a month — unedited, untouched, and unviewed. By the time I actually concentrate on the 1st of these &quotevery-block&quot pictures, I will have taken a lot more than 8,000 images on the nearby streets of the Upper West Side — plus another many thousand in Rome, Coney Island, and the various spots in NYC exactly where I traditionally take photographs. So I never count on to be emotionally attached to any of the &quotevery-block&quot photos, and hope that I’ll be capable to make an objective choice of the ones worth hunting at.

As for the criteria that I’ve utilized to choose the tiny subset of each and every-block photos that get uploaded to Flickr: there are 3. Very first, I will upload any photo that I consider is &quotgreat,&quot and where I hope the reaction of my Flickr-close friends will be, &quotI have no idea when or exactly where that photo was taken, but it really is truly a terrific picture!&quot

A second criterion has to do with location, and the third requires time. I’m hoping that I will take some pictures that clearly say, &quotThis is New York!&quot to any person who appears at it. Naturally, specific landscape icons like the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty would satisfy that criterion but I am hoping that I will uncover other, much more unexpected examples. I hope that I’ll be capable to take some shots that will make a &quotlocal&quot viewer say, &quotWell, even if that’s not recognizable to someone from yet another element of the country, or yet another portion of the globe, I know that that’s New York!&quot And there may possibly be some photographs exactly where a &quotnon-nearby&quot viewer may possibly say, &quotI had no thought that there was anyplace in New York City that was so intriguing/stunning/ugly/spectacular.&quot

As for the sense of time: I keep in mind wandering around my neighborhood in 2005, photographing various shops, stores, restaurants, and organization establishments — and then casually hunting at the images about 5 years later, and getting stunned by how significantly had changed. Tiny by small, retailer by store, day by day, factors change … and when you’ve been about as lengthy as I have, it’s even much more incredible to go back and look at the photographs you took thirty or forty years ago, and ask oneself, &quotWas it really like that back then? Seriously, did individuals genuinely put on bell-bottom jeans?&quot

So, with the expectation that I’ll be searching at these every-block pictures five or ten years from now (and perhaps you will be, as well), I am going to be performing my very best to capture scenes that convey the sense that they had been taken in the year 2013 … or at least sometime in the decade of the 2010’s (I have no idea what we’re calling this decade but). Or perhaps they will just say to us, &quotThis is what it was like a dozen years right after 9-11&quot.

Film posters are a trivial example of such a time-certain image I’ve currently taken a bunch, and I never know if I’ll in the end determine that they’re worth uploading. Women’s style/styles are an additional clear instance of a time-distinct phenomenon and even even though I am absolutely not a fashion specialist, I suspected that I’ll be in a position to appear at some photos ten years from now and mutter to myself, &quotDid we actually wear shirts like that? Did females really wear these weird skirts that are short in the front, and long in the back? Did everybody in New York have a tattoo?&quot

An additional instance: I’m fascinated by the interactions that men and women have with their cellphones out on the street. It seems that absolutely everyone has one particular, which definitely wasn’t correct a decade ago and it seems that everyone walks down the street with their eyes and their whole conscious consideration riveted on this little box-like gadget, utterly oblivious about anything else that may possibly be going on (among other issues, that tends to make it really straightforward for me to photograph them with no their even noticing, especially if they’ve also got earphones so they can listen to music or carry on a telephone conversation). But I cannot help questioning no matter whether this type of social behavior will look bizarre a decade from now … particularly if our cellphones have become so miniaturized that they are incorporated into the glasses we wear, or implanted straight into our eyeballs.

Oh, 1 final issue: I’ve created a customized Google Map to show the precise details of each and every day’s photo-walk. I’ll be updating it every single day, and the most recent component of my each-block journey will be marked in red, to differentiate it from all of the older segments of the journey, which will be shown in blue. You can see the map, and peek at it every single day to see exactly where I’ve been, by clicking on this hyperlink

URL link to Ed’s each-block progress by way of Manhattan

If you have any recommendations about areas that I should undoubtedly pay a visit to to get some good images, or if you’d like me to photograph you in your little corner of New York City, please let me know. You can send me a Flickr-mail message, or you can email me straight at ed-at-yourdon-dot-com

Keep tuned as the photo-walk continues, block by block …

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Sunday, January 4th, 2015

Some cool Dog Tattoos pictures:

Martha’s Vineyard
Dog Tattoos

Image by dr. huxtable

Martha’s Vineyard

Monday, December 29th, 2014

A handful of good Bird Tattoos photos I identified:

Martha’s Vineyard
Bird Tattoos

Image by dr. huxtable

Martha’s Vineyard
Bird Tattoos

Image by dr. huxtable

Martha’s Vineyard

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

Some cool Bird Tattoos photos:

Martha’s Vineyard
Bird Tattoos

Image by dr. huxtable

Martha’s Vineyard

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

A few good Dog Tattoos images I discovered:

Martha’s Vineyard
Dog Tattoos

Image by dr. huxtable

Martha’s Vineyard

Monday, August 25th, 2014

Some cool Dog Tattoos images:

Martha’s Vineyard
Dog Tattoos

Image by dr. huxtable

Dog Tattoos

Image by Renegade98
From the book Killers On The Loose,
by: Antonio Mendoza

29 Sex-Trade Workers Missing in Vancouver

Although they have no corpses or tough proof to back their claims, prostitutes and social workers in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside suspect a serial killer is accountable for the disappearance of more than 29 neighborhood sex-trade workers. Police are significantly less certain. &quotWe have no crime scenes, we have no bodies… It really is really frustrating.&quot Vancouver police spokeswoman Constable Anne Drennan told the press. &quotIt’s a single of the most challenging files we’ve ever worked because of the lack of clear proof.&quot

Patricia Gay Perkins was the very first to disappear in 1978, but she was not reported missing till 1996. Six more ladies vanished amongst 1978 and 1995. The pace picked up in 1995 with 3 new disappearances 3 more in 1996 six in 1998 and eight a lot more in 1997. As of this writing, two prostitutes have been reported missing in 1999. The victims range in age from 19 to 46. Most are described on missing-persons posters as identified drug users and prostitutes frequenting Vancouver’s ravished Downtown Eastside.

The missing females reportedly sold sex to feed their intravenous cocaine and/or heroin habits. Some had HIV, hepatitis or each. They all left behind their belongings, bank accounts, young children in foster care, welfare checks. &quotYou’re talking about girls on welfare who did not pick up their final welfare check, who left their belongings in a dingy hotel space.&quot mentioned Constable Drennan. &quotIt’s not as though they could just jump on a plane and fly to Toronto.&quot

One particular missing lady, Angela Jardine, disappeared in her bright pink formal gown, leaving in her dingy hotel room an eerie reminder of her achievable untimely death — an unmailed Easter card addressed to her parents saying: &quotKnow how significantly I enjoy you, Mother and Dad? A entire bunch!&quot Stephanie Lane disappeared leaving behind a youngster with her mother and an uncashed welfare verify. Even though obtaining into a life of prostitution and drugs, Lane kept in speak to with her mom, always calling her for birthdays and holidays. It is been three years considering that she final heard from her.

The situation of the missing females was brought to national prominence in March, 1999 when Jamie Lee Hamilton, a transsexual and former prostitute now director of a drop-in center for sex-trade workers, known as a news conference to bring the disappearances to public attention. At the news conference Hamilton and other individuals had been highly critical of the police’s lackadaisical attitude towards the missing prostitutes.

At initial, friends and relatives of the missing blamed authorities for ignoring the situation. Some families, disenchanted by the police investigation, have hired detective agencies to look into the situation. Six months soon after repeated protest marches and memorial services for the missing females, regional authorities have changed their tune and stepped up their investigative efforts. &quotYou can often say somebody is not performing sufficient,&quot Drennan stated. &quotWe are undertaking almost everything actually we can feel of that we can do. We’re not afraid to acknowledge there could be a serial killer or several killers.&quot

Even though throughout a telephone conversation on December 8, 1999 Constable Drennan said emphatically that nothing at all pointed towards a serial killer being involved: &quotNothing at all recommend the existence of a serial killer.&quot When asked for an interview for this book, Constable Drennan said the situation in Vancouver was &quotnot suited for a book on serial killers thinking about there is no proof or bodies.&quot

The ladies on the streets and these closest to them disagree with the Constable’s opinion. &quotThe girls right here never talk about it quite much simply because they’re so scared,&quot mentioned Elaine Allan, executive director of the Women’s Information Secure House, a drop-in center for sex trade workers. Shocked by the Constable’s position, Allan remarked on the reality that no missing ladies have been reported given that the case was featured on America’s Most Wanted. Some ladies think its a border-hopper, probably even infamous Green River Killer, coming from the United States to satisfy his murderous fantasies. Some feel it is a snuff film ring, or a lethal merchant marine crew kidnapping the women and murdering them at sea. Others, according to Allan, try not to consider. The alternatives are to grim.

Making use of the mass publicity of prime time television on both sides of the border, investigators featured the case in the crime-busting Tv program America’s Most Wanted. The show aired July 31, 1999, fanfaring the ,000 reward. It prompted over one hundred calls to the program’s Washington headquarters. &quotOnly 20 have been thought to be helpful the task force is investigating them,&quot mentioned Drennan. Reaching investigative overdrive, the Ministry of the Lawyer General and the Vancouver Police Board Authorized a ,000 reward for information top to the resolution of the case. Adding to the effort one of Vancouver’s biggest private detective agencies, CPA Self-assurance Group, presented 4 of their &quotcadaver&quot dogs to search selected regions, hunting for decomposing human remains. There was even an attempt spearheaded by nearby enterprise leaders to give cell phones to prostitutes with 911 on the speed dial. The notion was rapidly dismissed because of fears that the sex-trade workers would use their new toys to conduct their age-old business.

Police say that Vancouver, becoming flanked by the sea and mountains, is the excellent spot for stashing bodies out of sight. &quotThe attainable grave internet sites are endless,&quot Drennan stated. &quotIf there is a predator out there, he may possibly have a common grave internet site. But discovering that is so tough.&quot Even though a more plausible explanation would be a individual, like Chicago killer John Wayne Gacy, stashing the bodies in a basement, or an individual dumping them in the open sea. &quotI feel it’s a mixture.&quot stated Elaine Allen. &quotThere’s so a lot of women missing it really is virtually ridiculous to think its one particular particular person doing it&quot

John Lowman, a criminology professor at Simon Fraser University, believes a combination of many variables could explain the mystery. Since 1985, at least 60 prostitutes in British Columbia have been killed by johns, drug dealers and pimps. &quotIt suggests that these missing girls may possibly well have met the same fate,&quot Lowman said. It is not uncommon for females who sell sex in the street and are addicted to drugs to disappear. They check in for rehab. They leave the streets. They move to an additional city. They overdose. They commit suicide. They are committed to hospitals. In the past, police say, women reported missing usually reappear within a year or two, dead or alive. &quotAll of sudden that wasn’t taking place anymore,&quot Drennan mentioned. &quotThey just stayed missing. That is what became most frightening.&quot And although all circumstantial proof indicates foul play, investigators can not confirm that any of the disappearances are even related.

Police have sent missing-persons reports to psychiatric hospitals, morgues and welfare offices across Canada and the United States. Of the original 31 females reported missing, only two of them have been positioned, both dead. 1, Karen Anne Smith, died February 13, 1999 from heart problems connected to Hepatitis C in an Edmonton hospital. She was last observed on the streets of Vancouver in 1994. The other, Linda Jean Coombes, died of a heroin overdose in an east Vancouver bowling alley February 15, 1994.

To keep track of the prostitutes two law enforcement agencies have asked them to record private data on registries that would give police clues if they had been to disappear. The registries — which have been signed by 60 prostitutes — consist of inquiries about previous bad dates, stalkers, or something or anyone they had been concerned about? It also records who would most probably know if they had been missing. The prostitutes are also taking self-defense lessons and have been given unique codes and asked to contact in occasionally to let authorities know they are nevertheless alive. &quotA lot of them are getting more cautious now, operating by day or with somebody else,&quot said Deb Mearns, who coordinates security programs for the prostitutes.

Making use of a new vice squad computer program, the Deter and Identify Sextrade Shoppers (DISC) database, investigators hope to determine far more suspects. The program allows officers to index every single piece of details they gather about johns, pimps and prostitutes into a searchable database. The details consists of regulars in the red-light districts, their nicknames, physical and vehicular descriptions, and even states if they have a certain perversions or tattoo.

Deputy Police Chief Gary Greer, former district commander for the Downtown Eastside, mentioned he believes the street ladies make the best target for a serial killer. They readily get into vehicles with strangers, not numerous folks notice their disappearance, and fewer still would report them missing. &quotWith a prostitute who goes by a street name, who’s picked up by a john, and then yet another john, whose intention is to be unseen, to be anonymous – for a predator, that is excellent,&quot Greer mentioned.

Constable Dave Dickson, a 20-year Downtown Eastside veteran who was the first policeman to notice the disappearances, believes prostitutes nevertheless operating the streets are upset by the mystery, but not adequate to change their approaches. &quotIf they’re heavily addicted and need to have income, they are possibly going to jump in the car with a guy no matter what anyone tells them… They come from such horrible backgrounds, they’ve been sexually abused their whole lives. They’re not afraid of anything.&quot

The Downtown Eastside Youth Activity Society (DEYAS) has compiled a list of negative johns from data obtained from job force, social workers and sex-trade workers, which they distribute each week to prostitutes and police . The list — named the Creep List — currently has 50 possible suspects. &quotThere are a lot of poor dates out there,&quot Dickson mentioned. &quotWhere do you start when you’ve got a thousand guys capable of performing one thing like this? Some of them do not come down right here for sex. They come down to beat on the girls.&quot

Allen says the streets around the Downtown Eastside are dark and isolated, creating the women &quotvulnerable to males who want to get off becoming violent. They may possibly not be serial killers, but they are still quite dangerous buyers.&quot At the Want Drop-In Center, Allen says all the ladies she sees, &quothave been beaten up by creeps and face it every night when they go out.&quot

Like the victims in the serial killer situations in Spokane and Chicago, the girls disappearing in Vancouver come from the most vulnerable and damaged segment of society. &quotMore than 90 percent of them had been abused as children. A smaller sized percentage began performing drugs, got into the life and could not get out.&quot Allen believes all her clients are suffering from some sort of Post Traumatic Pressure Disorder, a disorder a lot more frequently related with battle-shocked veterans and torture survivors.

&quotIncest abuse victims, if they were in remedy with a psychiatrist, would be receiving anti-depressants, anti-anxiousness medication, sleeping tablets, but these ladies who are not in treatment. They self-medicate. That’s what the heroin is all about. that is why we’re right here. That is why all these ladies are right here.&quot

Vancouver police have been talking to officers in Spokane and Portland, comparing notes about their current instances of cluster killings. But with no crime scenes, corpses or any other tangible proof, Vancouver authorities have tiny notes to examine. Neighborhood officers have also spoken to King County detective Tom Jenson who is the only investigator left operating on the Green River Killer case. Being just 117 miles north of Seattle, there is the possibility that a serial killer could be simultaneously functioning on each sides of the border.

Authorities have also sought guidance from Detective Lt. William Siegrist, of Poughkeepsie, New York who investigated the case of Kendall Francois. In 1998 Francois was arrested for serial killing eight prostitutes more than a two-year period. Francois stashed the bodies of his victims in his family’s property. In each the Vancouver and Poughkeepsie situations, prostitutes with close ties to the community who had been in contact with their households on a typical basis vanished with no a trace. In the Poughkeepsie cases Siegrist reported that Francois had sex with more than 50 prostitutes and was nicely-known on the street. Francois also had a history of committing acts of violence against the women.

Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside — which is actions away from the city’s trendy Hastings Street — is a neighborhood of junkies, pawn shops, saloons and run-down rooming houses. It is recognized worldwide for its high HIV price. It is estimated that more than a quarter of the local junkies and 80 percent of Eastside prostitutes have tested optimistic for HIV. The neighborhood needle-exchange center at the DEYAS hand out about two.four million needles a year, much more than any other center in North America.

Due partly to Vancouver’s mild winters, the area is a magnet for runaways, drifters, impoverished Indians and mentally ill folks, many of whom end up living in the streets performing drugs and turning tricks. Whereas in 1998 only 18 people have been murdered in Vancouver, 193 died from overdoses of heroin, cocaine or illicitly purchased methadone. &quotWe do not have a lot of achievement stories,&quot stated Allan, whose drop-in center is utilized by practically every prostitute in the Downtown Eastside, specifically the ones that are ravished by drugs.

Allan knew 1 of the women, Jacquilene McDonell, one particular of the final to go missing. &quotIt was tragic,&quot she recalls when she discovered out Jackie disappeared. &quotShe was young, was articulate, she was good, she was 21-years-old, had a son, was type of tripping on her drugs, she was as well very good for this spot.&quot Like the other individuals, Jackie’s existence on earth was surrounded by tragedy. &quotTheir forearms are solidly scared with cigarette burns and deep cut marks,&quot she says of the women she mothers at her center. &quotThey’re indicators of being really abused from a young age. They have to self-mutilate due to the fact the discomfort in their head is so negative, these are the one’s that are going missing.&quot

&quotI truly hope it is a serial killer,&quot stated the Rev. Ruth Wright of Vancouver’s First United Church, a neighborhood cornerstone for 114 years which houses the Want drop-in center for sex-trade workers. The alternative, according to the reverend, &quotwould imply there are 31 separate killers out there and that much evil would be too significantly.&quot Wright, a veteran of the ravaged Downtown Eastside, has survived the neighborhood’s ballooning AIDS epidemic and the effects of a 1993 lethal batch of heroin that killed 300 junkies. Nevertheless, this new scourge is what she finds most horrifying.

Allan believes the 29 missing prostitutes could have been killed at sea. Prostitutes are frequently lured onto ships at the Vancouver harbor with promises of totally free heroin and eager johns, but finish up as sex-slaves in a heroin daze until they are thrown overboard. Authorities see this as a possibility. &quotWhether the boats could be involved is one of the possibilities we’re hunting into,&quot said police spokeswoman Anne Drennan. Allan knows, from conversations with prostitutes at the Safe Property, that the ships play a pivotal function in their lives.

&quotMany of the women I’ve talked to have been on the boats,&quot she said. &quotMany of these sex-trade workers are heavily into heroin addiction, desperate for their subsequent repair. Also bear in mind, some thing like 95 % of all the heroin coming into Canada hits the shore first appropriate right here in Vancouver.&quot Sailors make a huge percentage of the prostitute’s clientele. Consequently, it’s not uncommon for them to go on a boat. When onboard the ladies are kept captive as the ship’s sex-toy. Some escape, other individuals, who knows.

Allen says that generally the younger women whose drug habits raging are out of manage are the one’s that finish up in the ships. &quotThe lure of the drugs,&quot she says, &quotthe lure of getting in a position to do more dates&quot gets the girls to operate the port. Numerous of these who go on the boats attempt to have someone &quotkeep their six&quot — a street expression meaning watching their back. In a story associated to Allan at the drop-in center, a single lady was locked in a cabin in a Filipino freighter with a large block of heroin and was only let out after her pal &quotkeeping her six&quot — a Russian sailor — threatened to go to the police with pictures of her receiving on board.

&quotIt would be quite simple to hide someone on a boat,&quot stated Allan. &quotWhen you get to open sea and you happen to be on nightwatch it would be very effortless to toss somebody overboard.&quot Females working the streets close to the docks told the Calgary Sun they think the sea slaughter is a feasible explanation for the disappearances. Dumped from freighters and international commercial ships far out in the Pacific Ocean, the bodies would forever vanish. Though, if numerous guys were involved, one would ultimately talk. Plausibly, it could be a foreign crew coming into town periodically.

On Portside Park, overlooking the harbor, a memorial stone dedicated to all the Downtown Eastside murder victims has been unofficially made into an altar in honor of the missing females. There Wayne Leng remembers with sadness his missing friend Sarah DeVries, a 29-year-old heroin-addicted prostitute who disappeared in 1998. Leng, a 50 year-old automotive technician , was the final individual to see her alive. Consumed with discovering her, Leng has accomplished every little thing from plastering posters all more than Vancouver’s red-light district to producing a web internet site dedicated to the missing prostitutes.

Warm and friendly, the disappearance of Black Sarah, as she was identified by every person in Vancouver’s red light district, was a particularly challenging blow for the Downtown Eastside. In contrast to other victims, Sarah came from an upper middle class family who have put the time and energy to bring to attention the enfolding tragedy. DeVries’ sister Maggie, who has been openly critical about the authorities’ attitude, has place a grieving face to the endless cavalcade of unsolved cases. Collectively with Wayne Leng they have turned Black Sarah into the symbol for the missing .

DeVries, like the 28 other girls, was a street junkie and prostitute. Like the other individuals, she was shooting up to ,000 worth of drugs a day in amongst tricks. She had HIV and hepatitis. Like the other individuals she worked an area known as the Reduce Track exactly where can purchase oral sex. Some might even go less expensive, for a pack of cigarettes and a rock of cocaine.

But as opposed to the other people, she came from an affluent family members that got involved following she disappeared. DeVries had a restless thoughts that she revealed in a journal full of poems, thoughts and drawings. In a strange twist of fate, she appeared in a Television documentary exactly where she seems talking to the camera and shooting-up. &quotWhen you need to have your subsequent fix, you are sick, puking, it really is like possessing the flu, a cold, arthritis, all at the identical time, only multiplied a hundred occasions,&quot she mentioned to the camera. Sarah mentioned there are only three ways off the streets. &quotYou go to jail, you end up dead, or you do a life sentence right here.&quot

Here is one particular of her poems reflecting her tragic struggles with drugs and life on the streets.

Woman’s body discovered beaten beyond recognition.
You sip your coffee,
Taking a drag of your smoke,
Turning the page,
Taking a bite of your toast.
Just another day, just another death,
Just 1 far more factor for you to overlook,
You and your soft sheltered life,
Just go on and on,
For no one special from your world is gone.
Just another Hastings Street whore
Sentenced to death.
No judge, no jury, no trial, no mercy.
The judge’s gavel currently fallen,
Sentence currently passed.

Sadly, Sarah’s poems will remain as the voice of 29 victims that lived and died on the margins of society, for no fault of their personal. She is but yet another lost life reduce quick by someone preying on the weak and vulnerable. An individual who sees no worth in life.

To date only a single suspect behind bars that could be implicated with the disappearances. The suspect, a Vancouver man now serving time for rape, is becoming investigated in connection with the disappearances of seven of the missing prostitutes.


Given that the case of the missing prostitutes was created public in 1999, the original VPD process force dwindled to 3 officers and the investigation was sooner or later taken over by the RCMP cold case squad. To date, police have identified 4 of the 31 missing girls. Two of them had been dead, one particular from heart problems, the other from a drug overdose. Two were located alive, but police have not release information about them. Nevertheless, 4 much more missing girls have been added to the list. Very first, Brenda Ann Wolfe, 32, who disappeared in February 1999, and was reported missing the following April. Then, Jennie Lynn Furminger, was reported missing in March 2000. Lastly Dawn Teresa Crey, 42, and Debra Lynne Jones, 43, were both reported missing in December. &quotI guess it does say that the issue still exists,&quot said VPD Sergeant Geramy Field. &quotFor a while there — for the majority of 1999 — we felt that we did not have any [more missing] and that either somebody was in custody or the perpetrator had died or moved on, perhaps since of the media stress.&quot

In June 2001, Kim Rossmo, 46, a geographic profiler in the VPD sued the department for wrongful dismissal. Rossmo, who at the time was Canada’s first police officer with a Ph.D., developed a ground-breaking computerized crime investigation tool for geographic profiling, producing him a quick-rising star in the department. Rossmo was swiftly promoted from constable to detective-inspector and was permitted to set up a geographic profiling unit, which went on to win the division international acclaim and awards, but jealousy and the department’s &quotold boy’s network,&quot kept undermining his perform.

In 1998, when Rossmo said that there was a sturdy possibility of a serial killer active in Vancouver, other individuals in the department, possibly out of spite, quickly rejected his claim. In his suit Rossmo, who now operates in Washington D.C., specifically accuses Deputy Chief John Unger and major crime police Inspector Fred Biddlecombe of freezing him out of the missing girls investigation. According to court documents Biddlecombe &quotthrew a little temper tantrum&quot when Rossmo suggested that police should inform the media of the possibility of a serial killer is at operate on the Downtown Eastside. Rossmo equated the knowledge to getting on a 747 jetliner when someone tells the pilot there’s smoke in the cabin. &quotIf the captain says, ‘Prove to me there’s a fire,’ you know he’s either a fool or incompetent.&quot

Remarkably, this is not the initial time Rossmo has warned fellow officers about a serial killer on the loose, and it is not the first time he is stonewalled by his colleagues. In 1994, soon after analyzing 3 sets of remains discovered outside Saskatoon, Rossmo suggested they were the operate of a serial killer. Police dismissed his claims, even though they had a convicted rapist – John Martin Crawford — beneath surveillance. Crawford turned out to have murdered at least 4 native females and is suspected of killing three other folks.

According to Warren Goulding, author of &quotJust An additional Indian-A Serial Killer and Canada’s Indifference,&quot Crawford was able to allude authorities and kill

repeatedly because his victim’s were native women. Goulding believes that there are as a lot of as 450 aboriginal females missing from western Canada and no a single seems to care. Not surprisingly, a massive quantity of the missing Downtown Eastside girls are also of aboriginal descent.

Since 1999, Wayne Leng, the buddy of Sarah DeVries, has been maintaining track of the investigation of the missing ladies on his web website, Although he started the net website as an on the web memorial for his friend Sarah, the web site has grown into the nerve-center for maintaining track of all the disappearing girls. With the assist of his net website a modest but vocal contingency of family and buddies of the missing have kept the police investigators from totally dismissing the case. Leng and the other folks are now talking about filing a class action lawsuit against the VPD for incompetence and neglect in their handling of the missing women file.

Vancouver city police lastly dropped their guard and now publicly acknowledge the powerful possibility that a single or serial killers are abducting women from the Downtown Eastside. In fact, a new joint force of city police and Mounties has been formed to appear into at least 60 solved and unsolved homicides of females operating in the sex trade or living a equivalent lifestyle in the previous two decades.

Vancouver police Sergeant Geramy Field said the process force has been in the works for some time and wasn’t prompted by the current disappearances. Field added her division has assigned two homicide detectives to the task force, which will be focusing on the identified murders of females in the sex trade as effectively as the files on missing girls. Investigators will be attempting to see if any patterns emerge or if there is valuable proof in solved or unsolved murder files from across Western Canada that can give clues on Vancouver’s missing women situations.

A single can only hope the renewed interest in the case could yield answers on the fate of the missing ladies. &quotHistorically, that is exactly where a lot of these have been solved in the previous: A policeman stumbling upon one thing or stopping somebody and being capable to follow up on something that’s fresh — getting vigilant out there with our street checks,&quot mentioned Sergeant Field at a press conference announcing the new joint process force. &quotI never believe somebody’s going to walk in [with the answer]. But someplace in this physique of proof is the man or the guys, and we just have to locate them.&quot

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