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Wall Art

Sunday, December 27th, 2015

Verify out these Bird Tattoos pictures:

Wall Art
Bird Tattoos

Image by jimwhimpey
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Day 50 Occupy Wall Street November five 2011 Shankbone 20

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

Check out these Mask Tattoos pictures:

Day 50 Occupy Wall Street November five 2011 Shankbone 20
Mask Tattoos

Image by david_shankbone
Pictures from Day 50 of Occupy Wall Street – photos from around Zuccotti Park on November 5.

David Shankbone

The Occupy Wall Street Inventive Commons Project

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Day 21 October six Photographs – Naomi Klein
Day 23 October 8 – Faces of OWS
Day 28 October 13 – Tom Morello of RATM
Day 31 protesting Chihuahua and The Day-to-day Show
Day 36 Parents and Children Day and really a crowd
Day 40 protesting hotties, Reverend Billy and tents
Day 43 Photographs at OWS of the very first NYC snow fall
Day 47 – Solidarity with Occupy Oakland
Day 50 November five
Day 52 November 7 Jonathan Lethem, Lynn Nottage and Jennifer Egan
Day 53 November 8 – David Crosby and Graham Nash play OWS

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Mask Tattoos

Image by me and the sysop

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