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Tiger Tattoos

Image by Anhedral
German AirForce Tornado in ‘Tiger’ marks
Royal International Air Tattoo 2011 – Fairford UK

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals. (outtake)
Tiger Tattoos

I was in the 1st row of the balcony on the left and in all honesty the seats were almost certainly one of the greatest in the house. I’m short so often I get annoyed when I’m at concerts and in a sea of tall(er) individuals. I was surrounded by quite fascinating men and women, specifically an older couple. I would guess this couple was possibly in their mid-late 50’s. The man looked like a member of ZZ Top and had numerous tattoos. 1 arm he had Ryan Adams and The Cure and the other arm he had a Rolling Stones and Marilyn Manson tattoo. They went to a Rolling Stones concert that Ryan Adams had opened for and that’s how they discovered out about him. I knew he had opened for them but I can not genuinely place those two with each other. After talking to them I located out they’ve been stalking Ryan. six concerts in ten days. Wow! This is just this tour, ok? I came close to asking them if I could take their image but I knew it would come off pretentious so I didn’t.

I’m not as familiar with Ryan’s function with The Cardinals as I am with his solo music. I would’ve loved to have heard much more from “Love is Hell” but I cannot complain. He played more music from his new album “Easy Tiger” than anything else. I’m not confident what I feel about the new album. I think it’s going to be a single of these albums that will at some point grow on me but now I’m indifferent. I have to admit I was tearing up with his performance of “I Taught Myself How to Develop Old” tonight. Oh, Ryan you know how to bring out the emo kid in us all.