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Image from page 350 of “Natives of northern India” (1907)
Tiger Tattoos

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Identifier: nativesofnorther00croo
Title: Natives of northern India
Year: 1907 (1900s)
Authors: Crooke, William, 1848-1923
Subjects: Ethnology — India India — Social circumstances India — Description and travel
Publisher: London : A. Constable and Company, ltd.

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ip, 242 f. Sonar caste, 131. Soul, its state soon after death, 218. Spells, 254 f. Spinning, i66. Sraddha, the, 218 f. Stone implements, 16. Sulaiman range, i. 270 NATIVES OF NORTHERN INDIA Sun-worship, 226.Sweeper castes, 121 Taboo, 164, 194 f., 216.Taga caste, 109.Tailoring, 138.Tarkhan, the, 134.Tartan of Nagas, 48.Tattooing, 145, 165.Inform caste, 119.Temple priests, 98.Terai, the, 9.Tharu tribe, 118.Thori caste, 140.Tiger, spells to repell, 256. worship, 242. Tip-cat, 188. Totemism in marriage, 206. in religion, 244. Trees, sacred, 230.Tribe, the, 36 f. Tusser silk, 164. Uttara Kurus, the, 50. Vagrant tribes, 139.Vaishnava Fakirs, 123.Village, the, 126 ff. Aryan and Dravidian, 31. gods, 235. of the Nagas, 39. servants, 129. Vindhyan hills, 7. Washerman, the, 139. Weaving, 136. Wells and tanks, 155 f. sacred, 228. Widow marriage, 209.Witch, the, 262.Girls, occupations of, 161. social life of, 160 ff. Printed by T. and A. Constable, Printers to His Majestyat the Edinburgh University Press

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UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA LIBRARY Los AngelesThis book is DUE on the last date stamped beneath. Intro tf-^ Type LJ-Serips 444

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