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Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

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136 – Tshirt tats
Tricep Tattoos

Image by minxlj
16th May 2007

Right now was an additional tattoo session (tricep/beneath the arm – not entertaining!) our artist gave us some tshirts he’d had produced. Quite nice typography on them

Tricep Tattoos

Image by Seamonkey78704
Yet another version… this one much better I think, but I’m putting them each on the web for comparison

Tricep Tattoos

Image by Seamonkey78704
I took a few pictures of my buddy/lust object Jennifer at Pedernales State Park… component of my attempts at doing some work with actual men and women as the subject matter. This is the rough 1st take, tweaked on my laptop right after a extended day of developing sets for Cloud 9 and then chilling out with a beer.

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