Some cool Wings Tattoos photos:

SL Oufti 7/16/07
Wings Tattoos

Image by Juushika Redgrave
In the game Second Life, I play the avatar Juushika Redgrave.

I love this outfit. ^_^ I have an obsession with small black dresses, and typically revert to black after a colorful outfit (like the 1 from the day before). I’ve also been hunting for an excuse to put on wings once more, so a black outfit with some playful accessories seemed ideal. The dress is from It is All Great, and I modified the attachment point for the skirt to a pec–it moves a tiny better with my av and lets me use the spine attachment point for the wings. Speaking of: the wings are from LAME, and are now a freebie (yay!) located by the door at their new place at Hopes Point. The tattoos, which I feel genuinely make this outfit, are a tintable set from Tuli that I merely colored straight black.

The hair is, as it typically is, from Kin, and it’s a redbrown color that is a bit less red than I generally wear, so I added a pink tint. And for a modify, I went with red lips to match the black dress–this 1 is from Sin Skins.

Dress: Glamour Girl (modified)
Shoes: Black Star Strap Sandals by Digital Dragon Styles

Eyes: Hazel Cat Eyes by Miau Haus
Skin: (Mature) Freckled Navy Rouge Nimbus by Sin Skins
Manicure: Glitter Manicure Black by Sin Skins
Hair: Pur – Brownred by Kin (tinted)

Tattoo: Stars Tattoo by Tuli (tinted)
Bracelet: Leather Spot Wristband (Black) by ETD
Arm Band: Leather Arm Bow by Sabix
Wings: Noey Wings by LAME
Piercing: Double Lip &amp Spike Labret by DEEKS (modified) (tinted)
Glasses: Kelly by Persenickety
Collar: Amethyst Collar (Slim) by Amethyst
Whiskers: Plenty Black Whiskers by Gritty Kitty
Neko Components: Anisa’s Neko Ears and Tail by Anisa @ OTCR (ears modded to consist of Industrial piercing by DEEKS)