Some cool Woman Tattoos pictures:

Battikah obtaining her stretching workouts in
Woman Tattoos

Image by Alaskan Dude
Battikah (Anna) is one of my favourite models – I’ve shot with her many occasions over the years and we often have a good time with each other – she is so funny and full of power whereas I’m dull and boring and complete of other stuff. We did this shoot way back in the cold of winter in December 2009.

I think the theme was quasi-Gothic pin-up with some lingerie tossed in. Anna adds new tattoos every single time I see her – she’s a walking piece of art any more. Get pleasure from the photographs – it’s definitely time to shoot with her again.

Strobist information – I feel I was utilizing 2 Vivitar 285HV flash units set at 45 degree angles, one on 1/2 power and the other at 1/4th power triggered by Paul Buff Cybersync equipment – excellent stuff.