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Art Murmur – Oakland – 2009
Woman Tattoos

Image by Jasper Gregory
We met at Art Murmer in Oakland. We talked about art for a bit and about my gender activism. I love her tattoo on her leg, it is the alphabet in a retro letter variety. There is a casual dissonance as properly. The shirt, the skirt and the sandals, nothing at all even attempts to match.

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I just returned from a weekend at Harbin Hotsprings in northern California. It is a post hippie, freak spot exactly where I employed to study Watsu. It is a fairly tolerant of gender non-conformity. It is the only location I have ever noticed any individual with tits and a penis sunbathing naked. That is an edgy kind of gender activism. I saw a 3 or four trans girls although I was there.
It is a nice spot to go if you want to push some gender presentation edges in a relaxed supportive environment.