A handful of nice Woman Tattoos pictures I identified:

Woman Tattoos

Image by Lies Thru a Lens 
Model – Cassie
Year Taken – August 2013
Camera – Nikon D800e
Lens – Nikon 85mm f/1.4G
Location – Studio


Cassie is 1 of the cutest, most naturally pretty models I have worked with. No, she is the cutest model Ive worked with. In truth, she appears too cute to be a model. Models typically have an air of authority, a dab of arrogance and a smudge of contempt – Cassie has none of these. But what she does have is a level of comfort in front of the camera that tends to make every single photo appear candid, spontaneous. She is so unbelievable organic that its hard to don’t forget these are studio pictures, when they look so considerably like you have merely photographed your girlfriend on some trip away.

She is believable, unlike a lot of other models. If I had told you that some of these photos have been of a buddy of mine on a holiday final week, you’d believe me. Not that they are specially nicely taken, they just radiate legitimacy. She is that in manage of her modelling that its hard to make anything appear fake. Her eyes are genuine, her cheekiness authentic and her relaxed persona intoxicating.

Each photo of her appears genuine, unedited and genuine. We did every thing from style (which I typically hate, to cute and candid, to art nude), she excelled at all of them. But I inform you, when you catch her seeking at you over her shoulder, its hard to concentrate, such is her stunningly endearing beauty. She has the bluest eyes you will ever see and somehow, no matter how you light the photo, they hold their colour (no added colour right here, just lighting). They dominate the photo and you truly really feel like she is searching at you, the viewer. I adore these photos and I cannot wait to perform with her again.


With Cassie, or with any model of this variety (even though they are uncommon) the lighting has to be soft. Therefore, when in the confines of a studio, you should shoot towards it. Backlighting softens texture and skin and permits for a small flare to creep into the photo. This is good, since you do not want as well considerably contrast ruining her organic beauty. As a result, I went for a beauty dish positioned to my proper and above me, and a strip soft box to the correct of her as you look at the photo. Im shooting towards this so that it diffuses and softens the image somewhat. There is yet another reflector dish to the left of shot, basically pointing at the wall to soften and lift the shadows on that side so its not also contrasty.