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Bedouin lady spinning wool
Woman Tattoos

Image by Krishnakumar photography
The term &quotBedouin&quot derives from a plural type of the Arabic word badawī, as it is pronounced in colloquial dialects. The Arabic term badawī (بدوي) literally translates in Arabic as &quotnomad&quot or &quotwanderer.&quot It is derived from the word bādiyah (بَادِية), which means &quotplain&quot or &quotdesert&quot.The term &quotBedouin&quot therefore means &quotthose in bādiyah&quot or &quotthose in the desert&quot
Bedouin females wear the Omani burqa, or mask, following reaching puberty.They nonetheless reside as nomads raising goats and camels. I saw this lady in the muscat festival selling handmade woolen souvenirs and though most Muslim lady dislike being photographed, she posed very willingly following I had bought some of her handmade souvenirs. She had some interesting tattoos but I wasn’t allowed to photograph them. Her traditional bedouin-costumes are really colourful.
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