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Image by andyi
Here’s a very good opportunity to muse on the topic of the Freak Flag. This woman is flying hers gloriously and proudly…as she ought to.

(Oh, and she was a really good baton-twirler, also.)

A Freak Flag is a treasured item and comes with a certain responsibility. Whoever gave you yours trusted you not to just fold it cautiously and toss it in a drawer. Nope, a Freak Flag is meant to be flown high and flown difficult.

Not absolutely everyone is blessed with 1. A Freak Flag is a supply of joy that’s uniquely yours. For some, it really is going to conventions dressed up as Boba Fett. Other folks hang adequate Christmas lights on their residence every year to trick animals into emerging from hibernation early. Perhaps final month you read something in the morning paper and then, pausing only extended adequate to claim a personal day, you drove 180 miles to get your picture taken with a life-sized butter sculpture of Elvis. It could be something as simple as a pair of green plaid pants that you adore, and which you wear any time you consider you can get away with it.

By celebrating your personal joy, you add to the entire of the Universe.

If men and women are going to laugh…hell, let ’em. You happen to be not doing this to win other people’s approval, and laughter is valuable at nearly any cost. Plus, if the sight of your Freak Flag inspires just one bystander to do anything he thought of a handful of years ago but instantly dismissed as silly, then clearly, the gods chose nicely when they place one particular in your hands.

I heartily salute this woman. If it really is been a lot of years since you left your teens and your swimmer’s physique behind and however you are nonetheless twirling batons, then it is clearly not just some thing you do as an after-college hobby. It is element of who you are, as permanent and documentary as a tattoo. And it’s a gesture of great generosity to share that sort of joy with thousands of strangers.

A Freak Flag that is never ever flown is like a toy that is kept in the package, a song that is unsung, or a excellent film that burns up ahead of any person thinks to transfer it from its original nitrate stock.