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day 053.
Woman Tattoos

Image by H o l l y.
Somebody, somebody, somebody, somebody jumped the gun
Oh oh oh, they go just as speedily as they come
Now no one, no one, nobody, nobody understands
The promises among a lady and a man
Never always go as planned
Honey, take a stand

It is 100 degrees out way also hot! I stepped outside for a photo in the insane heat. Almost everything is dead it is so dry. I hope it rains soon. I added a cloud overlay of the sky simply because there is not a rain cloud in sight. Just super hot and barren.

Peul and peanuts: protraits
Woman Tattoos

Image by 10b travelling
Along the road to Poli we saw a lady and her household shelling peanuts. We stopped for a chat and demonstration. We had been then joined by other folks including the Peul / Fulani gentleman with his typical tattoos.