A couple of nice Woman Tattoos pictures I located:

Woman Tattoos

Image by Lies Thru a Lens 
Model – Jade
Year Taken – April 2013
Camera – Nikon D800e
Lens – Nikon 85mm f/1.4G
Place – Studio


Meet Jade, the daughter of a buddy of mine and specialist make-up artist. What can I say about Jade? She exudes a relaxed, sultry and all-natural appear in each and every photo she assists create, exactly where absolutely nothing looks contrived nor forced. Working with her is a pleasure as, as Im sure you can see in this photo, each and every moment captured looks like a stolen moment from something but a photo shoot. She has a all-natural beauty that far surpasses any of the other models Ive worked with, hunting like an individual you may well really meet as oppose to somebody you would appear at in a photo. She is absolutely stunningly appealing, with a stunning figure and a character that just tends to make you want to get to know her a lot more and a lot more. We had wonderful exciting on the shoot (my second with her) and I cant wait to function with her once more.