Some cool Woman Tattoos images:

I Will not Overlook You
Woman Tattoos

Image by dollen
Colorado Model Raquel R

J.C. looks like me
Woman Tattoos

Image by dollen
I lastly got a few added minutes and although I must have been operating on an image to upload I stumbled across some cool pics and associated stuff that reminded me just how considerably I &lt3 Flickr. and the Dollen group
Verify these out:………
I forgot about this:

There must be an additional dollen someplace out there:

Adequate Horsing about (pun intended) … thanks to all for the comments and favs lately. Also a thank you to these who have been reading my newsletters/articles and asking inquiries.
About this image.. I try to remain away from widespread and cliché things… unless it is so widespread that I feel it would be a very good challenge to make a picture that beats that cliché… this turned out pretty very good I feel. The cliché is wings and I am going to do an entire series with them.
Rj Dollen