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Mandy hunting ten foot tall
Woman Tattoos

Image by Alaskan Dude
I did this shoot with Mandy way back in January 2010. We shot at a parking garage in downtown Anchorage, Alaska on a bright clear freezing day – but fortunately the garage is heated!

Mandy was going to Anchorage from Seattle and contacted me for a shoot. She was a blast to operate with – a little bit vertically challenged but she made up for it with a excellent attitude and an ability to bend her physique in multiple approaches. We had a blast at this shoot – hopefully she’ll check out Alaska again!

High style pouting
Woman Tattoos

Image by dollen
Compliments of Colorado model Katie C.

Kudos…. we love Kudos. Here is a single from ART+LIFEMAG/ about Kirbie, who if you did not know is/was very best buddy with Katie.