Some cool Woman Tattoos pictures:

Woman Tattoos

Image by Lies Thru a Lens 
Model – Mercy
Year Taken – Could 2013
Camera – Nikon D800e
Lens – Nikon 85mm f/1.4G
Location – Studio


Mercy is a young law student from Los Angeles, obtaining come over for a handful of weeks for study and photo shoots. She has such an intense, passionate look in front of the camera which in turn dominates the image. She is one particular of these rare models who require no path whatsoever and it is best to just give them a concept and get out of their way. Let them act in front of you, take on the personality of what you want to capture and let them to do their factor.


When functioning with models who have dark skin, especially black models, lighting requires on a whole new which means. Shadows take on a new role fall differently on the skin, enabling for a softer contrast that, even with harsh lighting, appears all-natural.

This shot was lit with a beauty dish only, turned up as high as I could get it so that it truly fizzed each time it was fired. I positioned it fairly low to the floor, about 4-5 feet from the ground and positioned to the right of me by about 8 feet. Thats what causes the harsh shadow on the wall behind her, lighting from a single path. If Id have added a second light, that shadow would have lost its pop.


Added a slight blue tint to the shadows and a yellow tint to the highlights.