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Summertime lunch at Bryant Park, Aug 2009 – 41
Woman Tattoos

Image by Ed Yourdon
At first I thought this woman had an elaborate tattoo on her correct leg. Then I thought it was some sort frilly slip by a also-quick dress. And ultimately I decided that it was really component of the dress itself.

Note: this photo was published in an undated (Jun 2010) blog titled &quotLovely Girls.&quot It was also published in a Mar 21, 2011 blog titled &quotVogue Enterprise erscheint wieder.&quot


I had a lunchtime dentist appointment in midtown Manhattan the other day, and when it was more than, I decided to walk a couple blocks over to Bryant Park, behind the New York Public Library. It was a sunny day, and I believed I may see some beautiful babes sunbathing on the park lawn in their bikinis (even becoming an amateur photographer is a hard job, but someone’s gotta do it). If not, I thought maybe I’d uncover some photogenic vacationers or oddball New Yorkers that I could photograph.

As it turns out, practically all of the central lawn was becoming covered more than with some kind of wooden platform — presumably for an upcoming concert functionality of some type — so no one was sunbathing out on the grass. But given that that location was unavailable, and because it was nevertheless the lunchtime period, the periphery about the central lawn was chock-a-block with people. There is now a cafe right away behind (i.e., to the west) of the library itself, and it was doing a land-workplace company. And all along the north and south sides of the park, as nicely as the broader western side, there have been tables and chairs and benches where men and women could appreciate their lunch with what ever food or entertainment they had brought along.

I was currently conscious of the pentanque court on the western side of the park, and knew that I’d uncover a single or two good photos there. But I didn’t comprehend that the Parks Division had set up two ping-pong tables, as well as numerous tables for chess-players. In addition, there had been a handful of card games underway, and there was also a section set aside for men and women who wanted to borrow local newspapers to study.

As for the individuals: I had to remind myself that due to the fact Bryant Park is smack in the middle of mid-town Manhattan (a block away from Instances Square, filling the square block among 41st/42nd street, and 5th/6th Avenue), most of the men and women enjoying their lunch had been workplace workers. So the men normally wore slacks and dress shirts, and a surprising number of them had been also wearing suits and ties. The women wore dresses and skirts, and normally looked fairly fashionable and presentable. Of course, there had been also tourists and students and miscellaneous other people but general, it was a much a lot more &quotupscale&quot bunch of people than I’m accustomed to seeing in my personal residential location on the Upper West Side.

I was surprised by how numerous individuals have been sitting alone — consuming alone, reading alone, listening to music alone, dozing alone, or just staring into space alone. You will see some of them in this album, though I did not want to over-emphasize their presence equally crucial, numerous of the loners just weren’t all that intriguing from a photogenic perspective. So you will also see lots of couples, some young children, a couple of households, and sometimes larger groups of people who were consuming and chatting and enjoying the warm summer time day.

Three activities dominated the scene, all of which had been fairly predictable, below the circumstances: eating, reading, and talking on cellphones. You would count on individuals to be eating at lunch-time, of course and you would not be surprised at the notion of folks reading a book as they sat behind the New York Public Library on a warm, sunny day. But the pervasiveness of the cellphones was very astonishing … oh, yeah, there had been a couple of laptops, as well, but fewer than I may possibly have imagined.

I’ve photographed Bryant Park numerous times more than the past 40 years, going back to some images of 1969 Vietnam War protest marches that you can see in this album. I was right here in the summer time of 2008 to take these photographs I came back in January 2009 to take these images of the winter scene and I returned once more for these photos in March 2009 and these these pictures in the late spring of 2009 all of these have been collected into a Flickr &quotcollection&quot of albums that you can discover here. But if you want to see what New York City’s midtown workplace workers are carrying out at lunch, take a appear at what’s in this album.