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Soul Meets Physique
Woman Tattoos

Image by dollen
Colorado Model Jamie Jnics Nichols
Soul Meets Physique
This is from the shoot we did a whie back for Envosy Mason at the Jett Hotel in Lodo Denver. They did a &quotReal Planet&quot show there a although back and it is fairly famous for it. Honestly I never seen a actual planet.
You think I have a lot of Flickr groups.. that’s absolutely nothing. I have much more URL’s than the Beatles have songs. Yeah… you could say I have a plethora of web sites. My current favored is and if you recall we started following a geeky cute girl at random… but as it turns out she is crazy hot. I had no concept. I imply the initial image I saw of her was some Photo booth filtered thing… but no… she is hot like wasabi and has been added to the want-list (men and women I’d like to shoot with that is)

So, if you have not met Rachel Barker verify out her new pictures right here and let her know that dollen sent you. (as if that will impress her)
Lastly, A lot of thanks to all for the comments, inquiries, favs and views. We really do apprecaite it.

Oh and a lot more thing. If you have ever had to inform a model what to bring to a shoot. you need this…

Rj Dollen

Woman Tattoos

Image by joewhitsitt
virgin jeff licks fat tire tattoo on young lady. he had very little saliva left after licking tattoo on old lady. Mmm salty.